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The WoBLR the smart way to level your trailer

by Rachel
(Longwood, FL)

The WoBLR the smart way to level your trailer

The WoBLR the smart way to level your trailer

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This is an electronic leveling tool that pairs with my smartphone so I can level my RV by looking at my phone while leveling the rig. I don't need to run around looking at bubble levels while I level.

Note from the Editor Take a look at the video below for more information on the WoBLR RV Leveling System.

Here is even more information on the WoBLR RV Leveling System:

WoBLR RV Leveling System

Eliminate the Hassle of Leveling Your RV with the WoBLR, A Smart RV Product for Smart RVers!

Getting your RV perfectly level used to be a time-consuming hassle, time that could be spent enjoying the RV life with family and friends. Now, with just a few easy steps, the WoBLR makes leveling your RV and reconnecting to your hitch quick and easy:

* Download and install the RVIQWoBLR App on your smartphone or tablet
* Pair the app with the WoBLR hardware
* Mount your WoBLR device on any flat surface
* Set the HOME Calibration to enable your WoBLR to achieve a perfect “zero” level
* Set the Hitch Point Calibration
* Personalize the WoBLR with your specific RV type and dimensions so the WoBLR can * * calculate the offsets at your jacks

And it’s versatile, too: it can even be used as a general purpose level to help level your picnic table, grill, or any other camping equipment that needs to be straight for comfort and ease of use!

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