What Is a Toy Hauler Anyways?

The Toy Hauler is a Travel Trailer or 5th Wheel Trailer with a large opening and ramp door

What Is a Toy Hauler Anyways?

By David M Jacobus

In its most basic sense, the Toy Hauler is a Travel Trailer RV with a large opening and ramp door, typically in the rear. It could also be described as a cross between a cargo or open-box trailer, and a travel trailer. For the most part, the front of a Toy Hauler is made up of the living quarters-the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen area  while the rear is designated the "cargo" area or storage area for your toys.

Originally, the first Toy Haulers evolved as a Travel Trailer with a ramp door in the rear of the trailer. Over time, Toy Haulers have separated themselves even more by offering many of the same conveniences as other RVs, but targeting a more "off-highway" group of consumers.

Unique Features

Durability - Since the cargo typically found in a toy hauler is meant for off-road, it should also be built to handle bumpy roads, washes, and remote camping. Lots of ground clearance is also a big plus to keep from bottoming out and scraping the ground. Cabinets should be built more durable to withstand the bumps, and the chassis and axles need to be rated higher to handle the potential several thousand pounds of cargo it could be carrying.

Weight is a key issue, considering the gear inside this particular type of RV can exceed several thousand pounds. As such, owners must take into consideration not only the dry weight of the trailer itself, but how many toys they can take along with them in order to tow the trailer safely, as well as the creature comforts that have been added to the trailer such as a microwave, refrigerator, queen beds, etc.

What Is a Toy Hauler Anyways?Pictured Above: Front Living Area on the Fuzion Chrome Toy Hauler by Keystone RV Company

Wider and Taller dimensions - Since the Toy Hauler is also a Cargo Trailer, a large amount of open space is a must have. These typically push the maximum width allowed on most public roads at 8' 6", and ceilings of 8' or taller are very common. Many people who don't even own toys will prefer the open feeling over a "closed-in" travel trailer.

Self-Contained - Campers who prefer to take their toys away from paved roads typically do not have the luxury of "full hookups", and must therefore pack in all the water necessary for their entire vacation. As such, Toy Haulers should have larger freshwater tanks on-board. Built-in generators are also popular in order to provide power for air conditioners, microwaves, and other appliances.

Good Sam Travel Assist
What Is a Toy Hauler Anyways?Pictured Above: Toy Storage Area on the Fuzion Chrome Toy Hauler by Keystone RV Company

Collapsible Furniture - Rear beds, couches, and tables in the rear of the toy hauler will either fold up against the wall, or disappear into the ceiling in order to create more cargo space for the toys. Larger units may have double bunk beds in the rear on an electrical-powered chain-driven track system which pushes both beds into an elevated ceiling.

The toys people haul inside their Toy Haulers can vary depending on hobbies, regions, or even tow vehicle. The most common seems to be ATVs, with "side-by-sides" such as the Yamaha Rhino and Polaris Ranger gaining immense popularity. Other toys may include street bikes, small boats or jet-skis, race cars, and Jeeps. 

Toy Haulers are also gaining popularity rapidly with the street-bike crowd, and can now be seen at popular bike runs as Laughlin, Daytona, and Sturgis.

For more information on Toy Hauler features, cargo dimensions, abilities, and customization please visit http://DuneSport.com/Toy_Hauler_Articles.php

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