How to Write a Great Travel Journal while Camping

If you want to write a great travel journal, this is what you need to know

How to Write a Great Travel Journal while Camping

By Melanie Sovann

Camping is such a freeing and exciting activity. Not only is it filled with new adventures but it is also an opportunity for getting in touch with yourself. Those experiences and thoughts you have will disappear, but there is something you can do to save them. To make those moments last, you should start journaling

Writing down different thoughts and experiences you encounter while RVing will ensure that they never get lost. A few years from now you can take that journal and travel back in time in a way. Or, you can turn your travel journal into a blog or possibly even a book. If you are ready to welcome journaling in your life, here are a few useful tips that will help you write a spotless travel journal.

Don’t Skip Places

A great travel journal doesn’t have to feature exotic destinations. If you want to start journaling, you should include stories from all your camping trips. Going to a forest near your house can be just as exciting as any other camping adventure.

Keep track of all the places you visit. You never know what kind of excitement can come from it. No matter where you go, there is beauty in every place you explore. Each camping trip should have an honorary place in your journal. Not to mention that with every new trip you can get a fresh perspective on life

Write About Your Expectations

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How to Write a Great Travel Journal while Camping

Everyone has expectations for upcoming trips. What can be really fun is if you write down your expectations before you go camping and then you can see how that plays out. Your journal can be like a reminder of what you expected so that you can compare it to what you have experienced.

Share in your journal what local cuisine are you curious about, what kind of camp setting you expect, what are your predictions of local people in that place, etc. Sometimes it will happen that the trip is extremely different from what you thought it would be. Other times, you’ll get exactly what you imagined. Either way, the journal will be living proof of whether you were right or wrong about your upcoming trip.

Write As Much As You Can

The consistency is what makes someone a good writer. The only way to bring your journal to life is to write whenever you get the chance. Why is this important? Because the more recent the situation is the more vividly will you tell the story in your journal. Don’t be shy to pick up the journal when something interesting happens and start writing. 

Try to write every day if you can. The most convenient time for writing is before you go to sleep (in case you don’t get a chance to write during the day). That will ensure that the memories are still fresh which will lead to more profound writing. There will be days when nothing exciting happens but you should still create an entry. Even if it consists of a few sentences. Regular writing will also help you make a habit out of journaling. The more you write, the better you’ll be at it. 

Include Both Ups and Downs

The journal needs to be a true representation of your travels. Which means that you should remove every filter and write how it is. Everything you experience makes the camping lifestyle so thrilling. The good and the bad. 

No matter how disappointed you feel, you should share it all with your journal. If you start omitting some situations because you want to present the trip in a positive light, the honesty will be ruined. Being open about all experiences is the only way that you can create a realistic travel experience for the reader. Whether that reader is your future self or someone else. The negative experiences are just as important because they help you grow. 

Add Pictures

How to Write a Great Travel Journal while Camping

The stories you share will be more interesting if you add a picture or two. Your favorite photo from the trip should be rewarded with a place in your journal. Enhancing your journal entries with visuals will make it more wholesome. When you look back at those trips, the pictures can help you visualize the story and get more immersed in it. We tend to forget easily the little details so images are there to remind us.

If you keep your journal in your laptop or mobile app adding pictures will be easy. However, if you are a more old-fashioned individual who is still in favor of notebook-like journals, you can glue or tape the picture when you get back home. Just leave some space where the picture will be. 

Include a Conclusion

After the camping trip is over and your RV is back in the garage, it is time to reflect on what you have experienced. Wrap up the trip with a final summary. Write about your overall impressions, what you would have changed, and maybe even some advice for future trips that you don’t want to forget. 

When you get back to the comfort of your home, you can collect all the pieces of the trip and share some final thoughts. You can state the best moment of the trip and the least favorite moment. Create a few interesting categories such as the scariest moment, the happiest moment, the newfound idea or wisdomous thoughts, and the best person you met during the trip. In this way, you can single out the most memorable moments.

Journal Away!

Now that you know all the essentials for a great travel journal, you are all set to head to a new adventure. Just don’t forget to write as you go. When you welcome journaling in your life, you’ll have a new travel companion. He will listen to all your stories and remind you of them in the future. What more can you desire? So, pick the next camping place and share your experience with your new travel buddy – the journal. 

About The Author

Melanie Sovann is a content writer specialist and editor. Her expertise includes various industries and niches which is why she is consistently updating her knowledge by attending conferences, courses, and seminars. Currently, she is working as a senior writer at TrustMyPaper and she also provides professional essay help to writers and editors at BestEssaysEducation. Besides writing, Melanie’s passion is traveling and discovering new camping destinations. 

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