How to Get a Travel Trailer History Report

If you plan to get a used trailer you really should do a thorough background check on its history

How to Get a Travel Trailer History Report

By Patrick Peterson 

Buying a motorhome (RV) is a great investment, especially if you love road trips and camping. If you plan to get a used trailer you really should do a thorough background check on its history.

So, you may need to lookup RV VIN numbers to get that history. Getting a history report will satisfy you that the vehicle is neither damaged nor stolen.

Why Do You Need to Lookup RV VIN Numbers?

The VIN is a unique series of numbers and capital letters, assigned to RVs by the manufacturer of your motorhome or travel trailer. The VIN authenticates the vehicle registration and its proof of ownership.  The VIN on your RV can give the following data:

  • Lien & Repossession Record - This shows if the trailer is currently surety in any form of a loan.
  • Theft & Recovery Records – These records show whether the trailer had ever been stolen.
  • Flood, Hail, and Fire Damage - This refers to whether the camper has ever been damaged by such          natural phenomena.
  • Recalls & Defects – This refers to any recalls or manufacturer defects.
  • Vehicle Specifications Data – These are useful for checking the overall status of the RV. You’ll be able    to tell if any part of it was changed.
  • Accidents in History - Information regarding whether the camper has been involved in accidents or been damaged before.
  • Odometer Readings - This section of the report will let you know if the data on the real odometer on the  trailer is accurate.

There is a lot you can learn about the vehicle with a simple vehicle search by VIN before getting a travel trailer. This will give you a more accurate picture of the Trailer you wish to buy.

Vin Numbers location on RV trailer

In order for you to get a good look for the VIN on your travel trailer; you need to make sure it’s parked securely. This is because you may need to look at every angle to get the number.

Some common locations on camper trailer include:

  • The metal trailer tongue – This is the most likely place to find the VIN. You can also look at the weight distribution bars which often have stickers that show information.
  • The area or space surrounding the door frames – Have a look at the back of the door and parts of the door frame.
  • The interior of the travel trailer – You should do a thorough search since the VIN can be hidden within small, obscure spaces.
  • Look on the exterior of the trailer – It’s worth having a look on the outside even though it’s likely the VIN number is less visible (if at all), due to exposure to elements like the sun.
  • The trailer slide-outs – You will need to pull these out to have a good look at the bottom and the sides of the slide-outs.
  • Underneath the trailer – Hopefully, you won’t have to check under your trailer because you’ll be dealing with a dark and dingy area. Your flashlight will definitely come in handy for this!
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Once you have your VIN, you need to store it somewhere safe. Make sure you record it properly since it’s easy to mistake numbers for letters and vice-versa.

Places to Look Up an RV History Report

You can look up RV VIN Numbers through The National Insurance Crime Bureau using their VIN check search tool. 

Additional governmental services include your local DMV. You can visit the office physically or opt to just give them a call. The DMV will look up the information in their databases or reach out to the manufacturer for you.

In fact, you can also simply visit or call a trusted dealership that deals with the same brand and they would either have the history report or be able to contact the manufacturer.

Third-party companies like online databases can also be used. However, just be warned that these don’t always have information on trailers in particular.

VIN checks are very useful. They also reduce the risk that when you buy a used RV, you’re just buying someone else’s problems. When you lookup RV VIN numbers before making a purchase, you’re actually buying yourself peace of mind.

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