Travel Trailer Setup Tips

by Lorena

Travel Trailer Setup Tips

Travel Trailer Setup Tips

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We have a 19' trailer and park in remote locations and forest service campgrounds. If you have several hours of daylight left, let the non-back-up person give it a try! It's really good at building confidence when that person actually gets it.

1. Use a level to check for side-to-side levelness and use a spacer if needed.

2. Turn off the truck.

3. Turn on the Propane, unlock the door, unfold steps, and turn on the refrigerator.

4. Place chocks!!!! Detach trailer from truck and park truck out of the way.

5. Adjust front-to-back levelness (with the front leg that attaches to the truck).

6. Crank-down stabilizer jacks.

7. Open windows, curtains, and ceiling vents.

Then it's happy hour - or cookie time!

We have a much more elaborate Ready to Move checklist that I follow religiously. You should come up with one, too. Be sure to encourage your kids to assist.

Editor's Note: Here is some more information on the importance of properly leveling your RV. If you do not properly level your RV, your RV's refrigerator will not operate properly, and it could also be damaged. An unlevel RV also exerts undue pressure on its suspension system, and the slideouts will not operate properly and could get damaged.

LevelMatePRO Wireless Vehicle Leveling System

The video below demonstrates the proper leveling of a Travel Travel Trailer while introducing you to the LevelMatePRO Wireless Vehicle Leveling System (pictured Above) that will make the leveling procedure a heck of a lot easier.

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