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Using Four 6 Volt Batteries in a Motorhome

by Anonymous


I Have a 2004 Daybreak 3270 motorhome with two 6 volt batteries. I would like to increase the capacity By installing four six-volt batteries. I have found the proper wiring diagram to do this.

Are there any other issues for me to consider Before I make the change? Will this have any adverse effect On my converter, or electrical system?


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ANSWER: Hi as long as the batteries are properly installed you should experience no problems with your RV's electrical system or converter.

the biggest issue will be finding the space for the extra 2 batteries.

Even though you have a wiring diagram for installing the four 6 Volt batteries in your RV you still may want to take a look at the short video below to make sure that you have not missed any important information.

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There are many advantages you will get from adding the additional 2 batteries especially if you do a lot of boondocking you will now have a lot of extra reserve capacity which means you can expect your 12 volt system in your RV to last twice as long as it did when you only had the two battery system.

Hope this helps.

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