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Watching Night Birds While RVing

by Allen
(Hinton, Alberta)

Watching Night Birds While RVing

Watching Night Birds While RVing

Editors Note: This story was submitted on our Funny RVing Stories Page.

My wife and I were 2 weeks into a 7 week trip of the western states and we had stopped for the night in Idaho, on a little side road that was a leftover of a Highway that was straightened and this part was abandoned and there was a pond in the U-shaped depression.

We gathered some deadwood and built a fire and were relaxing for a while before going to sleep. There were not many campgrounds in the area so this place felt comfortable to us.

A short while later another couple coming down the highway pulled in and asked us if we would let them stay with us in the little cove for added security and of course we welcomed them and invited them to sit around our fire.

We sat for an hour or so talking and swapping our background stories. the woman stated that she was enjoying the night air and the nature sounds of crickets and she commented on the birds flying around over our heads and I chuckled and answered: "BIRDS DON'T FLY AT NIGHT". She had a shocked look on her face and asked what was flying overhead. I answered "BATS", she shrieked and ran for their camper. On that note, the evening was over, so the rest of us went to bed.

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