We Can't Register Our RV With The Because Of An Erroneous VIN Number On The Title

by Joyce Mosher

We bought a 1979 Fleetwood Pace Arrow. All of the plates on the vehicle reflect the VIN as 14V044119..., yet the title says CPS3793314504. A title from a previous owner registered in another state references this number as the S/N and also reflects the VIN.

Oklahoma refuses to license the vehicle because the ???Fleetwood ID/SN??? cannot be located on the vehicle to identify it with the title. Where would this number plate be located?

Oklahoma DMV has confiscated the previous title and kept the fees paid for title and refuses to issue a title until we can match the title to this number affixed to the vehicle. They refuse to validate this information with the previous title chain. PLEASE HELP! What is that number and where can we find it on the RV?

ANSWER: Greetings Joyce thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

WOW, what a mess!!! I will tell you up front this problem is a little bit out of my area of expertise. I am going to assume that you have contacted the person you bought your RV from to see if they could help straighten this out.

As far as the model number and VIN number locations on your Motorhome, they will vary by year, model and manufacturer of your RV. The first thing I would do is Contact Fleetwood RV and see if they can tell you exactly where you can find the VIN and Model number on your RV.

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As far as rectifying all of this with the DMV, I would suggest that you talk to a Supervisor at the DMV office and see if they can give you some suggestions on what other steps you can take to get this RV registered.

I also hope that one of our visitors might be able to jump in here and give you some advice on what you should do.

I am sorry that I could not be of more help on this issue.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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by: Clay

Motorhomes have two VINs, one for the chassis and the other for the cabin. It is not unusual for the chassis VIN to be older than the cabin.
In Canada it is the chassis VIN that is used to register the RV.
If you are unsure where the chassis VIN is, reach out to the manufacturer

I found the VIN on my 79 pace arrow.
by: Anonymous

Found 5 Vin #'s placed around coach from fleetwood inside and out that didn't match the title so I figuered i would continue to fix up the RV before going abandoned title route. When I pulled the rug that the previous owner layed over the existing rug I found it had covered the GM VIN on the side of the step. It was secured by 4 wood screws, I don't know if that was proper but I pulled the tag and riveted it under the dash to be easily seen through the drivers door. It passed mvd inspection and thats all I wanted.

VIN problem in AZ
by: Anonymous

We had the same problem in AZ. The vin# on the title reflects the GM assigned vin# as an incomplete vehicle from GM. Fleetwood built the body around the "glider" and assigned it a vin# and placed it in 4 places about the home and Washington used GM's #. Arizona made me drive 40 miles to a special DMV garage where they did a class 3 inspection which consisted of an agent laying on a creeper slide under the vehicle and look somewhere on the frame put a stamp on my paper and lighten $75 out of my pocket.

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