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We Have No 12 Volt Power In Our Tent Trailer

by Philip Wolfe
(Nags Head NC)

I have a 2002 Rockwood Freedom with a Centurion cs3000 converter. I am having a problem with the 12-volt system. I have no 12-volt power to anything. I have an onboard battery also to run the 12-volt system. The 12 volt systems will not work at all even when plugged into the 110 system.

Does anyone have any ideas?

We do have 110 power going to the converter and have power off the battery. All the trailer lights work but none of the 12 volt accessories in the trailer. We have checked all the fuses and breakers.

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ANSWER: Hi Philip I have a gut feeling that you have accidentally hit the battery shutoff switch in your Tent Trailer. Look inside your trailer and see if you find a switch marked "Battery Shutoff". When that switch is turned off no 12-volt power reaches the inside of your Tent Trailer whether you are plugged into 120 volt electric or not.

Special Note On Tent Trailers Some Tent Trailers including the Freedom have an Automatic Safety Switch that turns Off 12 volt current when the roof is in the closed position. If this switch has malfunctioned you will not have any 12 volt power to your Tent Trailer until it is repaired or replaced. I urge you to look at your Owner's Manual to verify if your particular model has one of these switches.

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If you do not find a battery shutoff switch, carefully check around the battery box of your trailer to see if you have any switches, loose wires or in line fuses there.

Check all the wiring leading from your battery to the inside of the trailer
for a bad ground or loose connection, etc.

If you still do not find a switch, you need to methodically check the inside of the Tent Trailer for hidden fuses or breakers look inside all cabinets, closets, etc. You would be amazed where some RV Manufacturers hide fuses and circuit breakers.

This next one is a long shot but still check for any GFCI electrical outlets you might have. These outlets look just like a normal electrical outlet except they act as a circuit breaker. They only control 120 volt electricity, but if for some reason your converter is on a blown GFCI Circuit it may not be working even though you say it is.

The GFCI outlet has two buttons on it. One button is a test button and the other button is a reset button. If you run across one of these outlets press the reset button and see if that resolves the problem.

I assume that when you say that all the lights on the trailer are working you are talking about the exterior lights on the trailer such as marker lights, tail lights, etc. Those exterior lights are powered by your tow vehicle.

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Everything I am assuming here is based on your statement that the 12-volt battery on your RV is charged. If you are not sure that it is fully charged or if it is receiving a charge from your converter then you will need to take it in and have it looked at by a Certified RV Technician.

I hope that this information has been helpful to you.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

Comments for We Have No 12 Volt Power In Our Tent Trailer

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Thank you, RVing Al
by: MJ

Thank you for your answer to Philip's inquiry. It was the answer to my issue!!!

Your Welcome
RVing Al

NO DC systme works
by: Frustrated

I have a DC issue with my 2009 Jayco tent trailer. I have no issues with my AC system and my exterior lights work fine. Also I have confirmed a fully charged battery.

Last time I used the trailer, everything was working fine. when we returned to the trailer after a short hike, no DC system was working.

Ive disconnected the 12v systems from the converter and tried to power each circuit individually to both power (Black/Red) and negative (white) but nothing works.

I'm at a loss to figure this thing out. DC seems so simple yet I cant seem to figure out why nothing works.

by: Digger29Anonymous

Thank you for your in-depth explanation on the electrical system on a Rockwood I really appreciate what you would said about everything I have the same problem my exterior lights work I tested the polls going into the converter itself I'm getting a reading so I know it's not the cord going from the actual Paul to The pole I just
have a different reading when I am going to testing from full service into the converter coming out ofthe breaker so I know it's not the cord or ground so and I replace the reviews so I believe my converter is toast is there a chance since I'm getting reading it could be a inner say fusible,

Thank you
by: Eileen

Thank you for the great advice! I'm getting ready to go away and when I plugged in, nothing. The thing is I never put the sink up, because I'm not going to need it. Right? I'm sure that is the problem. Now I don't have to call Daddy!

Re Electrical
by: George Heighington

The Electrical Box WF 87212 on the Rockwood has one or two Square D Breakers. The breakers fit onto an aluminum pin which extends from an aluminum buzz bar. The Power wire ( black wire from the plug) attaches to the what appears to be a continuous buzz bar using an allen bolt. Check the buzz bar with a multimeter seeking continuity.

I did it and found no continuity. There are actually two pieces of aluminum forming the buzz bar. Remove these two pieces and clean the contacts.
Aluminum to Aluminum electrical contact is a no no. The resistance creates oxidation and resistance

Electrical problem in a pop-up
by: Anonymous

I have a Rockwood Premier and had electrical troubles on two occasions. It all involved the breaker that is located underneath the kitchen unit. When the unit is swung down onto the floor for storage the breaker cuts off all electricity. On first occasion the height adjustment for the breaker wasn't set right so no interior lights could come on during set-up. A small adjustment cured it. On the second occasion it really had me confused but we found out that the wire had been pulled out of the breaker unit underneath in the storage compartment.... a place you wouldn"t look.... easy fix when you find it.

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