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We Installed A New Battery On Our Camper And We Still Do Not Have 12 Volt Power

by Anonymous

Installed a new marine/rv battery in small camper, thinking that was the problem; not being able to charge it. There is still no power to be able to run the lights or the stereo. If my car is hooked up then everything works.

We checked the fuse and that does not seem to be the problem. ANY IDEA on what the problem might be?

ANSWER: Thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

Based on your description I cannot tell you for sure what the actual problem is. But here are some things to check.

1. If your Camper has a battery shutoff switch make sure that it is in the on position.

2. Possibly a loose or bad ground to the battery's ground cable.

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3. Check for an in-line fuse or fusible link on the battery that may have blown.

There are a lot more areas that could be causing this problem. If none of the above solves the problem you need to take your RV and have it checked out by a Certified RV Technician. You may find out that you did not need a new battery after all.

Hope this helps.

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