We Just Bought a Class B RV and We Have Questions

by Denise
(Fort Myers FL)

Just bought 1999 Coach House w/ 2.8 Onan Microlite genny. Seeing/picking it up tomorrow; many questions, lol. But mostly: can I plug in a crockpot w/ gen. running, going down the road, w/ fridge (4 cu ft) on, and poss. roof a/c? (Can always put wrapped dry ice in the fridge; may not need roof a/c)

Also, will dvd player work w/o gen running, going down the road? Have to keep the grands occupied! Hope you can answer soon. We Need to take 3 trips before school starts! tyvvvm :)

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ANSWER: Hi Denise first congratulations on your new Class B RV. To answer your first question yes you should be fine running your Air Conditioner, Fridge and Crock Pot at the same time while going down the road.

If you want to use a Crock Pot without running your generator you can always get a 12 volt Crock Pot that will work just as well. The biggest worry you will have is trying to keep the Crock Pot from spilling its contents while going down the road.

As far as the TV and DVD Player are concerned. I cannot tell for sure if your TV and DVD Player are 12 Volts or 120 Volts. If they are 12 volts then they should work without running the generator. If they are 120 volts you will either have to run the generator or use
a Power Inverter.

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A Power Inverter connects to your RV's 12 volt house battery/s and transforms the 12 volt DC current to 120 volt AC current. If you are lucky your RV may already have an inverter installed. For more information on power inverters read the answer I gave to I Need A Power Inverter For My RV How Many Watts Should It Be?

Another good alternative to having the TV and DVD on while going down the road is to use a Self Contained Portable DVD Player and let the grand kids watch DVDs on that while going down the road. We have one of these and our grand kids love it. We love it too because the one we have has two headphone jacks so the kidlets use headphones to listen to the audio of the DVDs and we don't hear it.

Since you are picking up your RV tomorrow, I would suggest you write all of your questions down and ask the dealership or the person you bought the RV from all of those questions and then make sure to write all of the answers down.

I hope this helps.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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