We Love RVing Because it's Affordable, Comfortable and Fun

by Chris
(Ann Arbor, MI)

We Love RVing Because it's Affordable, Comfortable and Fun

We Love RVing Because it's Affordable, Comfortable and Fun

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We love camping because we love breathing the fresh air and sleeping in the quiet of nature.

We have always loved the freedom of eating what we wanted when we wanted. Seeing the stars at night is one of the biggest bonuses since city lights obscure most of them!

Traveling with family adds to the pleasure and the flexibility of sightseeing or just being lazy is the best thing about RV camping.

Both my husband and I grew up camping with family and scouts. We loved it and it was affordable. Through the years, we continued to camp with our daughter, but never took our pets along. One year, we borrowed a larger tent that turned out to be leaky. After 8 days of rain in 10 days of camping, we decided to look for (and found) a used tent trailer. We really loved it, but it wore out after many years of use!

We went back to tent camping in a newer, larger tent (along with the better air mattresses available) for several years. We also started taking our dog along and she turned out to be a great camper! When a wonderfully preserved 1983 motor home came our way, we could not resist it! After two great years, we realized we needed a trailer to pull so we could go on a long “Trek” and leave our "home" parked. We found and made adjustments to an 18 ft. travel trailer and were finally ready for our 7000 mile trip across the western states!

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We have continued to “improve” the trailer, but do not want anything bigger. It is perfect! We can even accommodate guests at home, thanks to being able to park it in our driveway!

We keep our original camping equipment for use when we travel with groups (kitchen set, etc.). That allows for the privacy and comfort of our own space while enjoying the company of family or friends!

We’re taking short trips this summer, but are planning another “Trek,” this time in another direction. We won’t see the entire country this time either, but we have time!

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