We love RVing Because of the Freedom and Family Time!

by Jason
(Wichita, Ks)

We love RVing Because of the Freedom and Family Time!

We love RVing Because of the Freedom and Family Time!

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My grandparents owned a travel trailer when I was a kid. I can still remember watching them load up before heading South for the winter and thinking how awesome it would be to load up and hit the road just like them! However, my parents never were much for camping...

I did get to tent camp quite a bit as a kid, though, thanks to Boy Scouts. As I grew up, I continued tent camping, usually about 15-20 nights/year. When I met my wife, she and I continued to tent camp, many times in less than desirable weather! We have survived some serious storms and straight-line winds here in Kansas. And if you've ever camped here, you know there are not a lot of trees around the lakes to provide shade or wind protection. Hot summer campouts were just that HOT!

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As our family grew, we continued to tent camp, though not as regularly as we had in the years past. We still made it around 10 nights/year or so, but having kids, and DOGs, made tent camping less and less fun. Not to mention, we had amassed so many various camping supplies that had to be loaded/unloaded, setup/taken down, etc., that camping became a part-time job. Not so much fun for dad anymore. Then there are the obligatory storms that blow through in the middle of the night, destroying the new tents and such... Good times!

Then, about 6 years ago, some
friends invited us on a 5-day campout over the 4th of July holiday. When we arrived, we were the only family tent camping. There were 3 other families there, 1 in a pop-up, one in a travel trailer, and one 5th wheel. It rained terribly the 2nd night, and our friends in the 5th wheel invited us to squeeze our family in with theirs! After that, there was no going back to tent camping! We tried but started looking for our first camper the next month!

We purchased a new 5th wheel over the winter of 2011 and got a great deal during those off-season months I might add! We now enjoy leaving most of our camping supplies in the 5er all the time, and only have to load and unload food and clothes.

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We've gone to places we would never have ventured in tents! I SLEEP so much better not worrying about if it will rain, or not hearing the loud campers 2 sites down, or not sweating all night when I want to sleep! We enjoy a bunkhouse model with room for our kids and friends.

We love the freedom of getting out on the road and going somewhere new with our family. Spending time with our children and dogs and making lifelong memories in our RV.
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