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We Love RVing because We Are Living the Dream Lifestyle

by Kimberly & Jerry Peterson
(Bristol, Tennessee)

We Love RVing because We Are Living the Dream Lifestyle

We Love RVing because We Are Living the Dream Lifestyle

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We Love RVing because We Are Living the Dream Lifestyle

It was a dream of ours since we were both children but we continued to put it off and made excuses why we could not…should not do it until we retire. Then, my baby brother at an early age of 40 passed away, then a year later my mom passed away and they both made me promise to follow our dreams before it‘s too late. A few short months later, we sold it all and began living our dream.

There have been some rough times financially but we made it through them with a few tears but plenty of laughter. The roads ahead are always paved with so many things that we would have never seen if we had not put our fears aside and just did it.
Some of our loves are traveling, writing, photography and NASCAR, combine them all and you have our life. We work our way around the country, eventually, visiting every state line, taking a photo of it while driving into that state. Another goal is to either work or be a spectator at every NASCAR Sprint Cup Series track and take a photo of us in front of the track sign. In the past 4 years, we have accomplished 34 state lines and 4 track signs, with many more planned for this year.

We are so amazed when folks tell us that we are so lucky, because it is not luck that brought us out here or keeps us out here, determination is what keeps us going. We have learned that just because you begin to follow your dream doesn’t always mean it will be a smooth road. For those who think they can’t do it, we ask them, “How bad have you got it?” If you want something bad enough then nothing or nobody will stop you from achieving it.

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The challenges we face has made us stronger and more positive that this is what we want to do with our lives. It’s hard to be down on life when just about every morning we awake to a new backyard to view and if where we currently are is not where we want to be then we move on because our home is always on wheels.

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So good to hear
by: Bob Koontz

It is so good to hear such positive attitudes about life and being on the road. Your statements could be (and I will save this one) used in any walk of life.

We were given our dreams to follow them, not for them to become a reason to feel bad when we do not follow them. Follow your dreams, no matter where they lead you. That is why you have them.
Bob Koontz

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