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We Love RVing Because We Can Include Our Pets

by Marty Love
(Gardendale, AL USA)

We Love RVing Because We Can Include Our Pets

We Love RVing Because We Can Include Our Pets

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Home on wheels, 40' rig, 30' enclosed trailer that carries 2 Harley's.

Our pets are with us in our home on wheels and safe instead of at the mercy of a kennel. (we lost a pet to a kennel).

We started RVing so our pets could be at home and comfortable as we were, and it is the absolute best.

If you don't like your view, community, state, or neighbors, you can change it in as little as an hour. lol

EDITORS NOTE: Look at the video below for some helpful tips on RVing with your pets.

Here are links to some of the items mentioned in the video:

Dog Wormers
Cat Wormers
FrontlinePlus for Dogs
Pet Brushes

Below is another great video with more tips on RVing with pets:

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