We Want Better TV Reception In Our Camper

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Rayzar AIR Antenna

Rayzar AIR Antenna

We have a 25 ft camper that has a TV in it. We have an outside antenna but aren't able to get very good reception. Sometime 2 channels and other times not any. Other people seem to get more channels than that. Someone said I should have a booster but I haven't found one yet. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Important Update: Since I answered this question Winegard has released a brand new antenna called the Winegard Rayzar Air antennaicon. This multi-direcional antenna was designed from the ground up by Winegard to maximize signal reception of digital TV channels, and expands the coverage area to provide maximum channel reception with less aiming or pointing. Watch the video below to learn more:

If you currently have a Sensar Antenna on your RV you can buy a Rayzar AIR Retrofit HD TV Antennaicon that you install on your existing system. If you have a different antenna or no antenna at all than you will have to buy the Full Rayzar AIR HD TV Antenna systemicon. The Complete kit includes the amplified antenna with the boom and lift assembly, the 12-volt power supply and interior control parts, 20’ and 6’ lengths of coax cable and the mounting hardware.

The SensarPro TV Signal Strength Metericon mentioned in the video is an optional accessory.

End Of Update

I am going to assume that the TV in your RV either has a built in
Digital TV Tuner or that you are using a Digital TV Converter Box like the Zinwell ZAT-970A Digital to Analog TV Converter Box that I personally use and highly recommend to bring in off the air Digital TV Signals on an older TV.

If you have a Winegard Sensar Crank Up RV Antenna on your camper the first thing you should do is to install The Winegard Wingman Sensor Antenna Upgrade Attachment on your existing antenna. The Wingman simply attaches to your existing Winegard Antenna and optimizes your antenna for off the air Digital TV Reception allowing you to pull in channels from a further distance.

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If after you do that and you are still not satisfied with the number of channels you receive you can also install a PCT 1-PORT BI-DIRECTIONAL HDTV AMPLIFIER that I also highly recommend to further improve your TV's reception of Digital TV stations.

If you have any questions about what I described above you should visit our Digital TV Tips For RVers Page which contains everything you need to know about RVing and TVs.

Hope this helps.

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