We Were Camping and It Was a Beautiful “Fall” Night

by Mike
(Thunderbird Lake Oklahoma)

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Our first time out in our new 1996 Gulfstream Scenic Cruiser was going well the only problem that we had encountered was our hydraulic Leveling system decided to take a separate vacation.

First night out and it was getting late, our dog Garm was in need of a walk to relieve himself. I was feeling energetic and thought that a walk down to the lake would be nice. As we left camp and got away from the lights the fact that the crescent moon and stars looked amazing against the black sky reminded me why I love the great outdoors.

I found what looked like a good trail to lead us down to the lake's edge. As we entered the woods the smell of the forest was intoxicating.

Proceeding down the steep trail it became evident that the tree canopy made it impossible for what little light the moon had to offer to shed any light on the trail. No problem I can see the glimmering lake just ahead and that’s when it happened. The next thing I know I was falling through the black of the night like a falling star, nowhere as graceful or beautiful though. Thank goodness Garm was on a 25-foot retractable leash or I would have taken him with me.

You would think that the fact that I stopped hearing his tags rattling together would have been a good sign that he had seen the drop-off and was not moving forward anymore. I landed on my hands and knees in the sand but it was the rocks and tree roots along the cliff that tore me up.

Wow-what a rush, one minute enjoying a walk on a beautiful October night then bam watching your life pass before your eyes. The walk back took some time because the cliff ran about 300 yards or so in both directions, not to mention the fact that I was a little shaken up.

When we got back the wife was glad that we made it back safely and wanted to know what took so long. I’m not sure what hurt worst the fall or her laughing and telling me that I should have taken a flashlight.

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by: Anonymous

You could of got hurt a lot worse or even killed do you have a large life insurance? maybe you should lower it then see how much she laughs.

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