We're Hooked on RVing

by Jill
(Stuart, Fla, USA)

We're Hooked on RVing

We're Hooked on RVing

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So, we're on our first trip for over three months now. Honestly, we looked at each other, non-verbally and smiled knowing we're both in awe that RVing was so easy. Not handy, owned only two tools at the inception of the journey (now more!!!) and still managed to accrue 4,000 miles on our 36ft. Boxy Lady.

Steve and I researched the RVing lifestyle for 14 months before retirement made the dream come to fruition. Every weekend we trekked in the VW Beetle, to parts other than our hometown, searching for the RV Grail. Multi-state investigations led us right back to Florida where our Safari Cheetah, 2003, beckoned us to buy her. She'd been neglected...needed love, a new prom dress, her hair done, and she'd be the beautiful lady she was meant to be.

Left South Florida on July 6, 2010. We'll get home on Nov.6th... hesitate to call our stix house HOME, because we truly feel THIS is home.

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When you vacation, you're anxious to 'get home.' But this is NOT a vacation...it's a lifestyle and this IS our home. All our belongings that we need are in the confines of 36 ft. We want for nothing...well, except for my electric mixer which is the ONLY item I forgot. (Like to bake)

Learning along the way. Three months out and yesterday learned you can heat the shower water electrically, not only with propane. Sheesh...

Funny, Steve sometimes has to take Boxy Lady to the 'doctor.' She's going again tomorrow for a door hinge repair. The feeling when he pulls out of the campsite and leaves me and our canine kid sitting there is something words can't communicate. You feel homeless. Abandoned. Lost.

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Can't say enough about RVing. Fun. Challenging. NEVER boring. Easier than expected. Not as costly as expected.

If you're reading this, you're probably over 50. Time is finite. Play. Be adventuresome. Find the kid in you and do it. We did...with NO regrets.

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Keep on Keepin On
by: Will and BB

We love every word written along your 3 month adventure. You are all 3 truly an inspiration for those of us skeerdykats too afraid to take the plunge. Thanks to you, we've at least gone to the tip of the board to see how far the plunge will actually be. Hanging on your every word, we anxiously await your next post - we're only into August on your blog but catching up fast. Thank you thank you thank you - we almost hate to see your trip end! Any others planned yet or just going to relax at the stix house for awhile? Maybe when your trip ends, we can pick up your blog and give our take on cross country (California to Savannah) which we plan to start before year's end. Again, thank you for the inspiration. Hope the Big Swede and Gus are both doing well ... God Bless you!

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