What Do I Need To Know About Switching From Analog To Digital TV In An RV?

by Jerry White
(Tampa Florida)

I have a 2002 Sunnybrook travel trailer with a crank up antenna. Since the switch from analog to digital, all I get on my TV is snow. What do I need to get my local channels again? Camping World said I only needed a new top for my antenna but 2 weeks later they said I need a converter box which they don't carry.

Radio Shack says I don't need a converter box if I have a digital TV, which I do have. It seems everyone I talk to I get different answers. I hope you can help.

Thanks Jerry

ANSWER: Greetings Jerry thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

Yes, you have come to the right place we have all kinds of information on how to set up an RV for digital TV and also how to improve the reception of digital TV in your RV. Before I get you to the right pages of our website; I need you to check a couple of things in your RV.

1. From what you have said about your conversation with Camping World, it leads me to believe that you probably have a crank-up amplified Winegard Antenna. The amplifier on your antenna needs to be turned on. Your antenna is either powered by a little switch where the cable comes into the RV from the antenna. Check to make sure that the switch is turned on. You will know it is turned on if you see a little red light on next to the switch.

If you do not have that switch then your antenna is powered by your RV's Video Switch Box. The video switch box is a box that either has buttons or knobs on it that allows you to choose which video source to send

to your TV. You will have choices such as DVD, Satellite, Cable, Antenna, etc. You need to make sure that box is plugged in and that have it set for antenna. If you do not have this box, don't worry not all RV's have them.

If the switch was off or the box was unplugged or the antenna was not selected, try rescanning for channels on your TV.

2. If the TV you are using is the TV that came originally with your travel trailer then it does not have a digital ATSC tuner built in. A lot of TVs are called digital TVs, but they do not have a built in ATSC Tuner. Take a look at the TV's Owner's Manual to confirm that it has a built-in ATSC Tuner.

If it only has a NTSC tuner then you will not be able to receive digital TV stations without using a Digital to Analog TV Converter Box. If this is the case, just do not go out and buy any converter box as they are not all created the same. Read the answers I gave to the questions below before you do anything else.

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If after installation you are not satisfied with the number of digital channels you are receiving on your Digital TV or Digital TV Converter Box; you should read the answer I gave to the question below to find out how you can greatly improve Digital TV Reception.

How Can We Improve The Digital TV Reception In Our RV?

Hopefully all the information above will be helpful to you.

Happy RVing

RVing Al

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