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What Does The Switch On The Ceiling of my 1993 Dutchmen Classic Trailer Do?

by Anonymous

I have a switch on the ceiling of our 1993 Dutchmen classic 35FK. It is located next to the A/C unit and we have no idea what it is for. We have the original manual to the camper, but it does not tell you what anything is or show you were it is located within the camper. Anyone have any idea?

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I will have to admit that you have stumped me on this one. I am not sure what the switch you describe is for. I am going to open this up to our visitors to see if any of them have an idea what this mysterious switch does.

I am sure that once we get the answer, I will probably end up kicking myself because I didn't know what it was.

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I do have one question for you however; if you recently bought this RV have you tried contacting the person or dealer you bought it from to ask them about the switch?

Please let us know what you find out.

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Dutchman mystery ceiling switch
by: Mike Huard

The switch is for trailers that were pre-wired for an ac in the back vent. There is a cover plate in the back stating that is is prewired for an a/c. The switch us a 3-way switch. One way will provide power to the mid a/c. The middle will be off and the other position will power the rear a/c if installed. The reason is that these trailers were wired with 30 amp service. If you tried to run both units at once, it would pop breakers and pose a fire hazard. Based on the a/c in our unit, they require 20 amps. Btw, this was verified by me as we are gutting our new used dutchman

A/C switch
by: Anonymous

I have a 1993 30fl classic, from what I have found the switch is for an optional heater that you can plug into the a/c. If you pull the cover off inside the camper for your a/c you will see a small open plug in the corner of the unit, you can buy an aftermarket 500w (i think) heating coil.

Switch on ceiling
by: Anonymous

I have one and it is for the air conditioner.

dutchmen switch
by: Anonymous

I have a 1993 27 foot Dutchmen Royal and the switch on the ceiling is for the air conditioner and the microwave you switch it towards the air conditioner and it works and the other the microwave works when its plugged to a power supply hope this helps

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