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What Is The 3 Head Burner On The Back Bumper Of My Motorhome For?

by Paul

I found a 3 head burner on the rear bumper on a 1988 Superchief. It has a line running to it from the gas tank, but would only get fumes if it was used. What is this unit used for and how would it not burn down the Motorhome?

ANSWER: Hi Paul The first question I have for you is have you contacted the previous owner or the dealership you bought the Motorhome from to see if they could tell you exactly what this is?

Since I do not have a picture of what you are talking about I can only guess at what this is. If it is actually hooked into the fuel tank of the motorhome then I have no idea what it is for or how safe it would be to use it.

If it is actually connected to the propane tank then I can guess that it is a 3 Burner Propane Stove that one of the previous owners added to the Motorhome for outside cooking. That being said, I still do not know how safe it is to use.

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I would suggest that if it is actually hooked up to the fuel tank that you get it removed especially if there are fumes escaping from it.

Maybe one of our visitors can tell us for sure what this contraption is.

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Further info
by: Paul

The three burners are mounted sideways under a plate on the left side of the hitch receiver frame. They are plumbed with 1/2 inch line to a fitting on the top of the fuel tank. We removed the fitting to see if it had a dip tube but there wasn't a tube there. I'm fitting a dip tube to run the generator at that location as the gen set will only run now with the main engine running. I ran a 1/4 inch line to a gas can on the ground and the gen set fuel pump is working fine. The original (?) fuel line teed into the return line from the mechanical fuel pump on the 454, but didn't allow fuel to the gen set without the engine running. Anyway, we have disconnected the burners, for the life of me I can't figure out what they would be used for. There is no valving in the plumbing and it looked like a terrible idea to burn fumes from the main tank without an anti-backfire valve of some sort. Also the burners are hard mounted sideways, about 5 inches apart, between two thin metal plates. Kinda bizarre....

Comment From RVing Al: Bizarre is an understatement. Maybe this was the previous owners attempt to setup an afterburner system for the Motorhome to make it climb hills faster :-)
I am glad you finally figured it out.

Happy RVing
RVing Al

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