What Is The Best Satellite Dish For An RV?

by Robert

The Best Satellite Dish For An RV

The Best Satellite Dish For An RV

Please tell me in your opinion which is the most reliable automatic satellite antenna on the market today?

ANSWER: Hi Robert when you say automatic I am assuming that you mean a satellite antenna that automatically acquires the satellite signals. There are several types of satellite antennas available, most are automatic, some are not.


These in motion satellite antennas acquire satellite signals automatically and track them so that you can watch satellite TV while driving down the road.


These satellite antennas automatically acquire satellite signals when the RV is parked, but cannot be used while traveling in the RV.


These satellite antennas such as the Tailgater Satellite Antenna can also automatically acquire the satellite signal but are not permanently attached to the RV and have to be setup once you arrive at your destination.

Portable Tripod Mounted Satellite Antenna Kits

These tripod mounted kits are the most inexpensive types of antennas. They are not attached to the RV and must be setup when you arrive at your destination. Once they are setup you have to manually adjust them to acquire the satellite signal.

There are 3 main players in the Automatic Satellite Antenna arena, they are:

King Dome Satellite Antennas

KVH TracVision Satellite

Winegard Satellite Antennas

All of the automatic satellite dishes mentioned above are excellent. There is not one that I would recommend above the other. The question you need to ask is which one is best for your particular needs? Here is what you need to consider when purchasing your Satellite Dish.

Are you going to subscribe to DIRECTV or The Dish Network? Some satellite dishes are only compatible with one of these satellite providers and some of them are compatible with both.

Do you want to watch more than 1 satellite channel at a time? If you are planning to watch two different satellite channels at the same time on different TVs, you need to ensure that the dish you purchase allows you to do this.

Do you want to watch High Definition TV? All satellite dishes receive the Digital TV signals, but some require additional equipment in order to allow you to watch High Definition TV.

I hope that this information has been helpful to you.

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Tailgater II problems
by: John J.

We've been using a Tailgater II for Dish Network for two years and are fed up with it. We seldom watch an entire program without losing the signal at least once, often several times. Because of signal loss, it is impossible to DVR anything. Customer service from King and Dish are both dismal at best. I'm giving up and moving up to a multi-satellite antenna.

Pathway2 and dish service
by: Anonymous

I have dish and winegard pathway 2 satellite dish. Winegard is a very bad company. Customer service can never be reached. My channels are always going out and local channels do not exist anymore. I have called winegard because dish says it's their problem and they can't fix it. I really don't know who is at fault for my poor service. If and when I change winegard will not be apart of my package. A lot of money and very poor quality. Choose wisely the setup for RV's aren't cheap.

Satellite Dish
by: Betty

Tailgater Portable Satellite TV System

We have the tailgater and are very happy with the reception. Our service is through Dish Network.

by: Frank

Winegard has the worst technical service department I have ever seen.... I have been trying for days to get a call thru & still cannot after 4 days!!

Tailgater by Dish
by: Anonymous

We have the Tailgater by Dish and love it. Great reception and easy set up.

Tailgater Dish and HD Receiver Portable Satellite Antenna

Best RV Satellite
by: Anonymous

If you want HD the best dish IMHO is the RF Mogul. The price is right & the support is awesome. They have a separate satellite dish for DirecTV (Eagle) & DishNetwork that brings in HD for both providers.

I personally have DirecTV and it is so simple to operate. I arrive at the CG, press a button to search and in about 3 minutes I am watching DirecTV HD TV. When I am ready to leave the CG, I press a button and in 2 minutes or less the dish is stowed. I'm telling you, I couldn't be happier. It is worth the effort to research.

Dish Tailgater
by: Steelplayer

We bought the Dish Tailgater package. It is a stationary antenna meanng I have to set it up each time we move or set up camp, we have a travel trailer and found this the best package for our needs. It is easy setup and we use a 211k Dish Reciever that we also use in the house (you will need a clear view of the southern sky in order to receive a signal. So just make sure there are no trees or obstructions in the way of the antenna) we just unhook the Reciever and take it with us. The only extra charge was for the King Control antenna $300.00 but everything else is included in our Dish bill.

We have great reception with HD programming. No problems with the picture, no reception issues, the only problem I had was when we first started setting up the equipment we had a few issues but had Dish Tech support on the other end of the phone to help us through these issues step by step. Once I learned the ropes of setting this up we've had no more problems....

King Tailgater Portable/Roof Mountable Satellite TV Antenna (For Use with Dish)

King Quest Portable/Roof Mountable Satellite TV Antenna (For Use with Direct TV)

Our Tailgaiter experience
by: Sevensales

We are using the new black King tailgater2 through Dish for 2 months full time across 6 States. We have never received consistent signals. It is very easy to setup but we are often missing channels due to only locating one of the two satellites according to Support. The picture usually cuts in and out briefly or we receive a temporary signal loss message. It happens 90% of the shows we try to watch.

I'm done.

I will cancel and sell the equipment as soon as possible.

I read very good reviews from many before I purchased this system. But after our experience - I am compelled to leave negative honest feedback to help others.

Comparison Chart of receivers
by: Arvin Wilson

Is there a comparison chart showing the characteristics of the various receivers?

Snowbirds beware
by: Anonymous

You also have to insider if you are crossing international borders because most companies that allow you to purchase signals will not allow you to take it over the border. So it you spend six months in the south and then six months in the north you end up having to pay for subscriptions for two countries.

HD vs non-HD
by: John

Will an HD satellite dish work for non-HD reception?

best dish
by: Anonymous

im looking for the best in-motion that will not have cable rap and pick up the best signals .i have direct tv not hd

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