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What Is The Switch Above The Sink In My Travel Trailer For?

by Chad

I bought a used 26' pull behind and there were no manuals at all. I have a switch (looks like a light switch) behind my sink above the water tank and battery level gauge. I cannot figure out what it goes to. It doesn't turn on any inside or outside lights, or the water pump, what else could it be? Any help is appreciated.


ANSWER: Greetings Chad thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

I believe that your Travel Trailer is equipped with a 2 way Water Heater. In other words when you are boondocking or going down the road you can use propane to heat and keep the water hot in your RV's Hot Water Heater. Your water heater also has a 120 volt electrical heating element so when you are hooked up to shore power or using your generator the electric heating element heats up the water and keeps it hot.

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The switch is for turning on the electric water heater element when you are not using propane to heat the water. When you turn the switch on it turns on the heating element. The switch itself may or may not have a built in indicator light that that lights up when the switch is in the on position. Your monitor panel may or may not have an indicator light on it that indicates when this switch is on.

I hope this helps.

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