What Is Your Opinion Of KVH Satellite Systems For RVs?

by Bill
(Bend, OR USA)

KVH Tracvision M1 Satellite  with Direct TV Receiver

KVH Tracvision M1 Satellite with Direct TV Receiver

We recently bought a used motor home that has a roof installed KVH satellite. It is not yet activated. I have heard that while the satellite itself is good, that KVH charges for every upgrade while the other manufacturers do not, ie. Winegard and King Dome.

Camping Worldicon in Junction City, OR will not touch a KVH satellite and other RV shops have said negative things about them as well. I want to decide if I should go ahead and use what I have or replace the satellite?


ANSWER: Hi Bill thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

Unfortunately I have not had any good, bad or indifferent experience with KVH Satellite Systems for RVs. I do know that they have won several awards for their innovations in satellite receiver design and engineering.

I am going to open this question up to our visitors and see if any of them can give you their opinion on KVH.

If any of you have an opinion on the KVH Satellite Systems for RVs please leave a comment by clicking on the "Click Here To Post Comments" link located near the bottom of this page.

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by: Anonymous

My unit is an M1 Marine unit although the Dome has been perfect in the last five years I have been through five receivers and now the fifth one has been. They no longer available new from kvh $450. Customer service fan kbh is near non-existent I will not buy another one of their products

Shaw Direct- Explorer system
by: Anonymous

I have been instaling satellite systems on motorhomes for the last 10 years and the best buy for your dollar is the Explorer. By far the most reasonable price and if you use the Shaw Direct satellite provider you will have real HD TV and be able to travel to Canada , USA and Mexico and whatch what ever programing you would like, weather it be US programing ore Canadian content. They are the only satellite provider that will allow you to travel from country to country, leagly. They are also the only provider that will give you true 1080I HD quality, the rest are 780p. By far a more superior satellite dish mounted system out there!

by: Wendy Rydberg

This Comment is from the Everything About RVing Facebook Fan Page.

I deal with Marine & RV satellite systems for my job & have a R4SL on mine own 5th wheel & it is the best system out there. I won't name other brands that are built in Japan & have crappy customer service but KVH is built here in the US & has the best customer service out there.Only problem I have seen is Direct TV blaming the KVH dishes when it's their own problem

KVH Satellite Dome on RV
by: Anonymous

I have a KVH Satellite Dome on my Motorhome and have used it for more than 3 years now with my DirecTV service. Unfortunately these dishes only access the standard defination band Satellites available with DirecTV. All DirecTV receivers are compatible with them without any need for programming.

I had considered a switch to Dish Network with hopes to get HD Satellite programming. Then I learned of a problem with one of Dish Networks satellites which requires modifications to the KVH setup. As well, Dish Network claims that none of their DVR receivers will control the KVH dish. You can only get a standard receiver with an optional hard drive if you wish to record shows.

For the cost of a new dish, I'd say that the KVH dish is worth keeping. If I didn't already have one, I would probably choose a dish which could access all of the DirecTV HD Satellites instead which would not be a KVH.

Kvh satellite dishes
by: Rigspark

Both me and my father in law run Wineguard portable. My dad has a Wineguard permanent mounted to his roof. His runs fine while driving and has lost picture only a few times while driving due to the angle of his class A.

As for the portable, I am in love with it. I have a fifth wheel that I take my family in and a camper that I use for hunting and fishing trips when I use my boat. I have loaned it to friends, and have used it in lots of places, USA and Canada. I can't recommend the Winegards more. I have never used the other brands, but with the service, quality and ease of use I don't think I will need to.

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