What kind of 12 volt to 120 volt power inverter can I put in a 1988 Fleetwood RV?

We were just told our inverter is no longer working. We bought the RV in January and apparently need to replace the inverter now. What type/kind of inverter can be used? Are the inverters specific to each model RV?

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Sorry to hear that your inverter has bit the dust. The good news is that inverters are not specific to the model of RV you have. The hardest part of this whole project is going to be choosing the right inverter for your needs.

Let me refer you to a place where you can get a Great deal on inverters. Amazon.com has an excellent selection of 12 Volt Inverters. They should have what you need at a very good price.

Inverters come in all shapes and sizes. Some simply plug into a lighter receptacle; others need to be hard wired to your RV's house batteries. Inverters are rated by wattage that they put out. What wattage inverter you need is determined by what type of 120 volt appliances you plan to run using the inverter.

We a have lot of information about inverters on our website, please read the answers I gave to the questions below to get all the information you need to determine which type and wattage inverter is right for your needs.

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You should now have enough information to make the choice on right inverter for your needs. Again, let me suggest that you buy your 12 volt to 120 volt inverter online as you will save quite a bit of money as opposed to buying one at a brick and mortar store.

Remember, if you are not comfortable installing the inverter yourself you can always have a knowledgeable friend install it for you or have it installed by a qualified RV Technician.

Happy RVing

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