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What Size Generator Do I Need For My Travel Trailer?

by Kim
(Oakdale Ca)

What size Generator do I need to run a 26 ft travel trailer, will a 2000 watt be enough?

ANSWER: Hi Kim I am afraid that a 2000 watt generator will not be sufficient for your Travel Trailer's needs. Please read the answer I gave to What Size Generator Do I Need For My RV?.

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Comments for What Size Generator Do I Need For My Travel Trailer?

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by: T

I just purchased a travel trailer that runs on 30 amps. I have a senior dog that is not able to hike with me anymore so he will be in the trailer while I am on the trail.

So, I need advice on a generator that will power the AC unit while I am away. I live in AZ so I would prefer solar but they seem to be really expensive and heavy.

Any suggestions?

2000 watts
by: Dave

I have 2 2000 watt champions that I run in parallel when using the AC or multiple appliances ex. microwave and coffee pot. Also to help the generators out a bit I put a hard start capacitors on the AC unit. If I don't need to AC or multiple appliance I only use one of the 2000 watt generators. You have to be smart about it and not overload the circuit. One appliance at a time.

by: Anonymous

I have 2 2000 generalc with converter and when the ac is on low with the microwave it blows fuses. I was told these would run it

by: Howard Ino

If your TT runs on 30 Amps, to fully power the unit, multiply 30 Amps X 120 Volts = 3,600 Watts (running power).

However, when dry camping, with some reasonable power management (not running A/C while making coffee or running the Microwave, this could be considerably lower. For instance the A/C will typically draw 10 - 12 amps. The Fridge will draw between 3 - 5 amps.

Assuming 17 amps, plus another couple for lighting, etc, 20 Amps X 120 = 2,400 watts on the high side.

That is running power, so kicking off the AC would suggest that a 3K generator will be more than adequate if you treat your electric consumption similar to water management.

That is part of the fun, is it not?

Need Major Help!!
by: Anonymous

Good evening my name is Willie G and I own a 2013 keystone Hide Out made by keystone is 31 ft RBS travel trailer My A/C unit 13500 BTU and I tried running my travel trailer with a portable generator it's a 5500 power boss it says 8500 surge watts, I can run all the lights and the TV's witch is 3 of them 2 fridge when I put the A/C own it trips the breaker please help I dry camp a lot need to know what generator would run the whole camper with no problems thanks!!



what size?
by: hugh

you never answered the question..what size?

Comment from RVing Al: Well Hugh you are correct I did not tell her what size generator she needed. In order to do that I have to know what 120 Volt accessories she is going to be using. Since those details were not included in her question I cannot just guess and be wrong on the size, but I know that a 2000 watt generator will not be sufficient even for a bare bones RV.

The page I referred her to has details on the wattage usage on the most common appliances that people use in RVs. When a question is generic in nature I can only give a generic answer. I am sorry if you were disappointed in my answer.

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