What The Heck Happened To The Night Stands In New RVs

by anonymous

what has happen to the night stand (table) next to the bed? Rv manufactures now put up narrow boards instead, its a joke.

ANSWER Welcome to the new world of RVing and RVs. The reason for the poor night stands is simple economics. It cost more money to build a nice night stand in a new RV. It is far cheaper to slap a couple of boards together and call it a night stand.

With the recent economic problems seriously affecting the RV Industry, we are lucky that we have any RV Manufacturers left to even make an RV much less a night stand. I am sure that there are RVs out there that still have good night stands and cabinetry. But, I am afraid that the nicer amenities are only being put in the more expensive RVs.

The remaining RV manufacturers are doing everything they can to cut their overheads, so they can stay in business. Just take a look at the list we have of RV Manufacturers That Have Gone Out Of Business.

I do not see this getting any better until consumer confidence increases and the demand for RVs increases. It is not going to be a matter of who makes the best RV, it is going to be a matter of who can survive in this lousy economy.

There are a couple of advantages to the current economic downturn. The first is that anyone who is looking to buy an RV is going to get one heck of a deal.
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Now that brings me to the second advantage of the lousy economy. If you buy an RV and you do not like the night stands, you can always look for a cabinet maker to build custom made night stands or cabinets for your RV. Since the economy is also affecting new housing construction and the home remodeling industry, I can almost guarantee that you will find a Cabinet Maker (Carpenter) that will give you a great deal on making custom night stands for your new RV. Before you have this work done in a new RV you may want to check with the RV manufacturer to make sure you do not void their warranty by adding new cabinetry. Or you can just wait until the RV is out of warranty before having the work done. Either way, the money you save in buying the RV will more than likely pay for the cabinetry work.

If you are interested on what other modifications you can make on a new or used RV, check out this article Remodeling An RV.

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So what do you do instead?
by: Sheila Moore

I go to bed and put my phone and glasses on the nightstand. That's where I have tissues, and a glass of water. Where do RV designers anticipate consumers putting these items?

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