What Type Of Water Filter Do I Need For a 2008 Grand Junction Fifth Wheel?

by Anonymous

What type of water filter does my 2008 Grand Junction use, and is there a special wrench to get it off.

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I am afraid that I do not know exactly what type of water filter your RV is equipped with. RV manufacturers have a tendancy to change the types of water filtration systems they use from year to year.

The first thing you need to do is locate the filtration system and take a look at the filter. Once you find the filter take a look at the links that I have provided below to see if they carry the filter you need.

RV Water Filters At Amazon

RV Water Filters From Campingworld

Since some RV manufacturers use water filtration systems designed for home use here is a link for the replacement cartridges for those systems.

Replacement Water Filter Cartridges From Amazon

Hope this helps.

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