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Where Can I Buy RV Toilet Chemicals In The US

by anonymous
(New Zealand)

We are hiring a motorhome in the US, and would like to know where we can buy toilet chemicals from. Do Walmart or KOAs sell them? So far the only place I can find them is camping world.

ANSWER Let's see if we can give you some information on RV toilet chemicals in the US.

Yes, KOA, Wal-Mart and Camping World do sell chemicals for RV toilets. Also a lot of the larger RV Parks and Campgrounds usually have little stores on site that sell these chemicals as well. Usually you pay more for the RV Toilet Chemicals at these little on-site stores as they have a high markup on these products.

I also should point out that our Everything About RVing
Camping And RV Accessories Store
also sells these products. All you do is type the word Chemicals in the search box in the upper right hand corner of our store and you will see all the products we offer.

Since you will be traveling all over the US, I would suggest that you stay away from any RV Toilet Chemicals that contain Formaldehyde. States such as California have banned the sale and use of RV toilet products containing Formaldehyde.

Some scientists believe that people exposed to Formaldehyde have a greater risk of getting cancer. RVers have used these Formaldehyde products for years, as they say that it is the only product that will cut down on the unpleasant odors that come from the black water tanks on RVs.

Due to this controversy with Formaldehyde, there are now all types of RV toilet products out there that do not contain Formaldehyde and are considered more environmentally friendly.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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