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Where Can I Find a Replacement Wheel For an Old Travel Trailer?

by Diane
(Chesterfield, VA USA)

Here's Where You Can Find Replacement Wheels For Your Travel Trailer

Here's Where You Can Find Replacement Wheels For Your Travel Trailer

I need to find a spare wheel for a 1984 Fleetwood Wilderness travel trailer. I've looked on every website I can find and I don't see a thing. This is a 4 lug wheel, and nothing looks similar to what's on the camper. Any suggestions? I really appreciate it!!

ANSWER: Hi Diane, first let me say that I feel your pain of trying to find the proper wheels for your travel trailer. I have had a lot of travel trailer owners contact me looking for the same information.

You said that you have searched the internet and not found anything, let me give you a couple of suggestions for some websites that have helped other RVers find the right wheels for their Travel Trailers.

I have provided two links below for Trailer Wheels. Let me warn you in advance that the result pages for these trailer wheels will also show quite a few wheel accessories but do not despair, just keep going through the result pages and you will find a lot of 4 lug wheels, it may take a while, but I think between these two websites you will find a wheel that will work for you.

The first place I recommend is Amazon (Please Note: All the following links open in a new window so please turn off your popup blocker), they have a vast selection of Trailer Wheels. The second place you might want to look is eBay. They have a huge collection of new and used Trailer Tires. On eBay you may even be lucky enough to find an exact wheel match that is being sold by someone.
I hope that this helps you on your travel trailer wheel hunt.

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by: Anonymous

where can I find left thread lug bolts for a 1978 Aspen camper

1969 Boat Trailer
by: Anonymous

Where can I find a wheel that bolts on with one lug bolt in the center. Its a 1969 boat trailer.

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