Where Can I Find Paint Codes For My Alpine Limited Motor Coach?

by Robert J Olsen
(Gladstone, MI U.S.A)

We recently purchased a 2000 Alpine Limited Motor Coach that needs a bit of touch up paint. In trying to locate paint codes we have discovered the closing of Western RV. Any suggestions on where we should inquire now?


ANSWER Greetings Ty thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

I am going to assume that you have searched through all of the documentation that you have on your motor coach and were not able to find the codes. Here are some suggestions I have for you.

1. Check inside some of the cabinets at the front of your RV, some of the manufacturers put stickers or posters inside the cabinets that have that information on it. These stickers or posters could be on the inside of the cabinet or on the inside of the cabinet doors. You may also want to check for labels or placards near or on the coaches entry doors.

2. You might want to visit the Alpine Coach Association webpage. They have some PDF files for paint codes in their Alpine Coach Association Tech Section. If you scroll down on that page to the dropdown menu titled "Exterior" you will find a PDF file for 1999 paint codes. If you are lucky they did not change the colors in 2000.

3. As a last resort you can stop by a body shop that specializes in RV body work and they can usually do a pretty good job of matching paint colors. I have no idea how much they would charge to supply you with touch up paint.

I am afraid that even if you are able to get the correct touch up paint, it may not match exactly. Since your motor coach is 9 years old, I am sure that the sun and weather have taken their toll on the paint and it may have faded somewhat.

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Good Luck on your paint quest and Happy RVing.

RVing Al

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by: Breezie

Some napa outlets have a separate paint dept. Some have a portable scanner and others will let you use their paint chip book to match it yourself.

I was quoted $25 for a pint which is dirt - cheap for automotive paint.

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