Where Can I Get A Repair and Maintenance Manual For My RV?

by Anonymous

Where can I find a used repair manual for a 1986 Ford Pinnacle RV?

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Let me start off by saying that there was probably no repair manual that was written specifically for your 1986 Pinnacle Motorhome. Not enough individual brand and model RVs are sold annually to warrant any publisher from trying to sell a Maintenance and Repair Manual that is solely written for individual, year, make and model RVs. In other words they would not sell enough Maintenance and Repair Manuals to make money.

The good news is that the majority of equipment that is installed on an RV is universally used by all RV manufacturers. So there are quite a few general RV Maintenance and Repair Manuals on the market. There are also Maintenance and Repair Manuals written for the different types of chassis used by RV manufacturers. So what you are looking for is a good General RV Maintenance and Repair Manual.

Here are some retailers that sell both new and used copies of these manuals. RV Repair and Maintenance Manuals From Amazon.com and RV Repair Manuals From eBay.com.

There are also some great Instant Download Videos from RV Expert Mark C Polk available that I highly recommend to all RVers. You can see an example of the quality of these videos below

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Hopefully this information has been helpful to you.

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Absence of any RV manufacturer service manual
by: Ted Green

While much of the "service" to be done is pretty generic, I agree that a "covers everything" manual would be questionable! However, any system component such as the 2008 Keystone Mont. Mountaineer 332PHT with the 3 slide-outs with electric pump, hydraulic sequential opening/closing sequence SHOULD HAVE at least a theory of operation explanation and a schematic available from the manufacturer. Can't see that critical-knowledge component information/troubleshooting aid as a profit/loss consideration.

Yet, this basic technical information can be found nowhere that I have found!

where can i get a manuel for my RV
by: James

I am looking for 1985 Elite GM Motor home manual
on this RV i have looked every place i can think of on line in as well.
is there any way you culd help me find the books i nned thanks

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