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Where Can I Get A Trailer Hitch Wiring Adapter For My Travel Trailer?

by Fran Maruco
(North Adams Ma.)

I’m moving my 1991 Dutchmen trailer it has been sitting in a campground in Me. for 5 yrs I went to plug it into my truck and realized the plugs have changed. Are there any couplers made out there or do I have to change the plug to fit the new style outlets?

ANSWER: Hi Fran since you do not tell me what year your truck is I am not sure what adapter you need, but there are quite a few available. Take a look at the links below and you should be able to find one that works for your truck and trailer combination.

Trailer Hitch Wiring Adapters From eBay All of the adapters have "Buy It Prices" so there is no bidding involved.

Trailer Hitch Wiring Adapters From Amazon A smaller selection than eBay, but they might just have the one you need.

I hope that you find what you need.

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