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Where Can I Get An Owner's Manual For A 1998 Winnebago?

We need a manuel for a 1998 winnebego.

ANSWER I have good news for you. You can order an Owner's Manual for your Winnebago from the parts department at your nearest Winnebago Dealer. Just call your nearest Winnebago's dealer parts department to order the manual. But before you do that, you need to get the part number for that particular manual.

The part numbers are available from the online Winnebago Parts manual. I will give you the link in just a moment, but you need to know that the link will open in a new window, so turn off your pop-up blocker. You also need to be aware that this webpage will take a long time to load as it is a very large PDF file. In order to view this file you will need to download Adobe Acrobat's free Adobe Reader utility HERE.

Once you open up the Winnebago RV Parts and Accessories Catalog go to page 213 and you will see the Owner’s Manuals available for 1998. Just choose the model you have and write down the parts number that is located next to that model. Then call your nearest Winnebago Parts Department and give them the parts number and they will order the manual for you. OK here is the link.

Winnebago Industries R.V. Parts And Accessories Catalog

Hope this helps and happy RVing.

RVing Al

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