Where Can I Get LED Lights For The Inside Of My RV?

by M. Adams
(Westwego LA)

Upgrading Your RV to LED Lighting

Upgrading Your RV to LED Lighting

Can I replace standard bulbs with LED lights in my RV?

ANSWER: Hi, yes, you can replace the standard 12-volt lighting in an RV with LED Lights. Using 12-volt LED lights in your RV will reduce the drain on your RV's House Batteries, which is quite helpful when you are boondocking. The 12 volt LEDs use far less electricity to produce the same amount of light as a standard 12-volt bulb.

LED bulbs also produce a lot less heat in the RV and last longer than an incandescent bulb.

In most cases, you can even use your current RV light Fixtures as they make LED bulbs that plug into the fixture to convert it into an LED Light system. In other cases, you may have to replace your current fixture with one designed specifically for LED. There are tons of LED products available. Take a look at the links below to see what types of LED Lighting Systems are available.

12 Volt LED Lighting: LED bulbs for your RV.

12 Volt LED Lights From eBay

12 Volt LED Lights From Amazon

LED Light Fixtures: These LED fixtures are designed to replace your existing incandescent RV light fixtures.

LED RV Light Fixtures From eBay

LED RV Light Fixtures From Amazon

The video below will explain some of the differences betweed LED lights and show how easy they are to install in your RV.

Camping World
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Wireless LED Lighting: These battery-operated LED lights are great for lighting up those dark places in your RV where you do not have a built-in light.

Wireless LED Lighting From eBay

Wireless LED Lighting From Amazon

LED Flashlights: These flashlights are great for camping or use around the home. The batteries last a long time because energy-saving LEDs provide the light.

LED Flashlights

LED Flashlights From Amazon

LED Light Bulbs For Your Home: If you want to save energy, these LED Bulbs will show you the light to energy savings.

LED Light Bulbs

LED Light Bulbs For Your Home From Amazon

I hope this helps.

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Great web site for 12 volt LED lights and LED bulbs
by: Jerry

I had a 12 volt fluorescent tube and T10 and G4 style bulbs in my light fixtures and I found a very helpful site with great images and a nice variety of 12 volt LED bulbs of different brightnesses to choose from. (In some fixtures I wanted brighter bulbs - like for reading and in the galley - and in other places, I prefer less bright).

I had three challenges when I was looking for LEDs:
1. What is this old bulb and what can I replace it with?
2. How big is the LED bulb, because they seem larger than the old halogen and incandescent bulbs, so I need to know that they will fit.
3. How does the brightness compare to my existing bulbs?

Anyway the web site is easy to remember – it’s 12VoltLEDLights.com – it has very helpful images that show you the bulb type so you know you are looking at the right one, and they also have these really great dimensional images so you can be confident the LED bulb will fit.

They also give you a lumens brightness comparison to the standard bulbs you have, so you know the brightness is what you want.

Another great thing about 12VoltLEDLights.com is they will ship by UPS or postal if you want to save money.

LED RV kits
by: Anonymous

Flexfire LEDs announced that they are going to make an RV LED kit. Basically, using the 12v system to make under cabinet lighting and outside lighting. Http://www.flexfireleds.com

Direct bulb replacements
by: Anonymous

A great place to get direct bulb replacements is www.superbrightleds.com. A bit expensive, but very bright, flexible in terms of input voltage (10 - 15+ volts is acceptable), produce next to no heat, and are about as efficient as it gets for RV lighting. The warm white wedge base SMD round PCB (flat faced) bulbs are the best replacements for most RV fixtures.

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