Where Is The Fuel Filter On A 1988 Gulf Stream Sun Sport RV With A 454 Chevy Engine?

If there is one besides in the carburetor, it is hiding very well. Anyone that can help us with locating the legendary fuel line filter would be greatly appreciated.

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You could have an in-line fuel filter which is common on 1988 P-30 chassis. This fuel filter should be located on the right or left frame rail of your RV (depending on which side your fuel line runs from the engine compartment).
Sorry I could not be more specific than that. You are going to just have to start tracing the fuel line from the carburetor until you finally run into the filter.

To make it even more complicated, some RV owners have taken it upon themselves to add an additional in-line filter. So once you find the first one keep following the fuel line to make sure that you do not have an additional filter. If all else fails take it in and have a mechanic trace the lines and locate the filters for you.

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Hope this helps.

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fuel filter
by: Anonymous

if you have a quadrojet carburator, there is a small inline filter at the carburator fuel line. very easy to change.

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by: RVing Al

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Dick Reed: It is probably located inside the carburetor. There is usually a big nut where the fuel line goes into the carburetor. It is located inside there. It is usually maller than your pinkie and will probably have a spring inside there with it.

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