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Where Is The Switch To Turn On My RV's TV Antenna Booster?

by John

2004 Tioga Fleetwood SL

I just purchased the above RV and can't find the booster for the TV. The previous owners never used it so they didn't know where it was. The manual doesn't say where it was.

ANSWER: Hi John I am going to assume that you know for a fact that your antenna has a power signal booster. There are two common ways that an RV antenna with a power signal booster can get its power. They are listed below.

RV TV Power Booster Wall Switch: This wall plate and switch assembly is usually located in a cabinet next to your RV's front TV or in the cabinet where your RV's Video Distribution Center (also known as a Video Control Center) is located (if your RV is equipped with one).

The wall switch will have a coax TV cable coming out of it. This coax cable will either be going directly to the back of your TV or into the Video Control Center. On that plate will also be a tiny switch or push-button that you use to turn on the power to the antenna signal booster. It may also have an LED light that comes on when you turn on the booster. It may also have an additional 12 Volt DC receptacle to plug in 12 volt appliances.

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Built-In Power Supply In The Video Distribution Center: Some RV's come with a Video Distribution Center (Video Control Center) that has a built-in power supply to power the booster on your antenna.

I hope that this information has been helpful to you.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

Comments for Where Is The Switch To Turn On My RV's TV Antenna Booster?

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Antenna Booster
by: diane

We have a 2008 Fleetwood Excursion 40x. Today, for the first time, we couldn't get the cable to work and the campground people said we needed to find our antenna booster switch and turn it off. Have no idea where that switch is. We've had the Excursion for 10 years and never needed to use this switch. Only reason we need it now is because our satellite dish just broke. Does anybody know where that switch is?? Thanks in advance.

Fifth wheel anteater 2013
by: Anonymous

I have a 2013 keystone Laredo fifth wheel haven't use antenna the only button for antenna is in bedroom,does that turn on your front room t.v. antenna?

confused how this switch is powered?
by: Dino

Does anyone know if this antennae booster wallplate switch only works with a 120 VAC connected to the RV? or should 12 VDC from the battery work? I can't get power from the socket or the red LED to light with just the battery power right now. The battery is sufficient to turn on all the 12 VDC lights. Am confused about this thing and if I need to replace the switch or not. Thanks anybody who can clarify.

by: Marlena

I need to find switch to turn off antenna for cable use???

TV Booster
by: Anonymous

I have the plate with a 12 volt power source socket but no switch. Do I run 12 volts directly to it?

Need this type of booster
by: Anonymous

where can i buy this type of booster

Comment From Everything About RVing Facebook Fan Page
by: RVing Al

Here is a comment on this topic from the Everything-About-RVing.com Facebook Fan Page.

Dick Reed: Ours is a little switch located on a faceplate with a 12 volt power port (cigarette lighter hole). When you turn it on a little red light comes on. Ours is located on the underside of an upper cabinet over the dinette.

Hope this helps.

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