Which Manufacturers Build The Extra Large RVs For Full Time Living?


Manufacturers That Build Extra Large RVs For Full Time Rving

Manufacturers That Build Extra Large RVs For Full Time Rving

Which manufacturers build the extra-large RVs for full time living. Each year when the State Fair is in town the people who travel and work the fair bring in large (over 40 ft. long) RVs with as many as six slide outs.

ANSWER Hi HW, off the top of my head, here are the RV Manufacturers that come to mind, Newmar, Newell Coach, Kingsley Coach, Featherlite Coaches, Marathon Coaches, Beaver, and Foretravel Motorcoach. Most of these companies have at least one model that exceeds 40 feet in length.

Just a note here: We currently own a Newmar Dutch Star (Pictured Above) and we love it.

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There are RVs made that have up to 6 room slides, but the number of room slides is not as important as the length of the room slides. Some RVs come with full wall slides. These full wall slides may move the whole right or left side of the RV out. So an RV with a full wall slide and a couple of normal room slides may create more extra space than an RV with a total of 6 slideouts.

I am not sure if you are in the market for a new or used RV that is over 40 feet in length, but either way, you are getting into an expensive type of motorhome or trailer. Since you are planning on living in it full-time, you are really going to have to make sure that it has the floor plan and amenities you want.

This is really like buying a house. The difference is that when you buy a house, you can add on to it to make it bigger, knockdown walls, etc. It is not as easy to do that in an RV. So take the time to really find what you want.

Take a look at the video below to see how other Full-Time RVers have chosen their RVs. You will also see how they have arranged things in their Home on Wheels.

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5th Wheel
by: Road Work

Primetime has the Sanibel line of fifth wheels. Fairly luxurious.

Additional brands, new vs. used
by: George

A couple of thoughts on the list provided: Winnebago and Tiffen both produce 40'+ motorhomes that appeal to full-time and most-time RVers.

Beaver made some great coaches but the brand has essentially been defunct for several years. If used RVs are included, any of the Monaco brands (Beaver, Holiday Rambler, Safari, and Monaco) would have included large models.

DynaQuest and Kidde, I think, make or made large "super-C" rigs based on Freightliner truck chassis that fit the bill as well. Plus, there are a large number of 5th Wheel brands out there that full-timers love (outside my knowledge zone as we have a motorhome.

As an aside, I'd love to know which manufacturer makes a six-slide model. I've never heard of one, although Monaco tried to make a Dynasty with a "slide in a slide" expansion that might count as five. Of course, some people count their generator slide to fool people. :-)

Note from RVing Al: Hi George thanks for the additional information you provided. As far as the rare 6 slide RV, unlike Unicorns they do exist. one example is the 2009 Damon Tuscany 40' Class A Diesel Motorhome which had 6 Slide Outs.

RV's made for full timing
by: Anonymous

We have a "35ft" Sanibel fifth wheel with 4 slides. The length is in quotes because it is actually closer to 40ft in length. We are very happy with the size and amenities. We have lived in it for a little over a year now and it has met all our expectations.

We have a lot of options on storage. The bedroom has a kingsize bed with a 6 drawer dresser and 5 more drawers in the walk-in closet. The closet also has built in shoe/misc. shelves in the end.

The kitchen has a pantry, spice cabinet, several other cabinets and deep drawers for pots and pans or canned goods. The bathroom is separated from the bedroom. We went with the option with the corner shower because it has a corner cabinet which we use for toiletries and medication.

The living area has a built in electric fireplace with a large area behind it to stash those things you don't use a lot. We replaced the two recliners with lighter Euro-recliners by Lane....for ease of movement when traveling. The only complaint we have is the sleeper sofa. The design of this particular sofa is faulty and causes it to have a hump on either end when in the sofa position. It causes people to have to sit towards the middle to be comfortable. In the folded position...it comfortably sleeps 1 person. When folded out...it slopes downward on the end one would consider the "head" of the bed and it has an inflatable mattress that won't hold air. But that is really our only complaint on the entire RV. Hope this helps.

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