Why Can't We Use Our VCR/DVD Player With Our New Digital TV In Our RV?

by Pat
(Oley, PA, USA)

We just bought a small Viore Model # PLC10V49 digital TV to replace an old worn out analog TV in our RV bedroom. The only connection to the old TV was a Coax cable. We have a Video Control Center including a VCR/DVD player which worked fine with the old analog TV connected by only that one coax cable. With the new TV, we have no problem getting digital TV stations with just the Coax Cable connection but we cannot figure out how to get a VCR or DVD to play on it. Can anyone help? Is there a reason the coax cable connection alone will not work on a new digital TV??

PS-we have a 2000 Newmar Kountry Star RV.

ANSWER: Greetings Pat thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

I am pretty sure that I know what the problem is. Your particular model TV is equipped with both a digital and analog tuner, so it should be able to pick up the analog signals being transmitted by the DVD or VCR over the COAX Cable, but you will have to follow the steps outlined below when you want to watch a DVD or Video on this TV.

1. Turn on your TV

2. Switch your Video Control Center to DVD or VCR whichever one you are planning to use.

3. Now turn on your DVD Player or VCR and put in a DVD or Video and Press Play on the DVD or VCR.

4. Now that the DVD or VCR is playing a video it is transmitting the Analog signal over the COAX Cable to the TV either on Channel 3 or 4 depending what channel you have them set up to transmit on.

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5. Now go to your TV and using the TV's Remote Control change the TV to channel 3 or 4 depending on what you have your DVD or VCR setup to transmit on. If you still do not get a picture on either channel 3 or 4 then move on to step 6.

6. Using the remote control for your TV, go into the TV's menu system and locate the screen that will allow the TV to scan for TV channels. During the scan the TV should pick up the signal coming from your DVD or VCR and allow you to watch your DVD or Tape.

A Couple Of Reminders: Once you are done watching your DVD or Video you will have to turn the Video Control Center back to TV mode and use the TV's Channel Scan to receive all of your Digital TV Stations in your area.

Because your VCR has an analog tuner you will not be able to use it to watch or record off the air digital TV channels.

I hope this helped.

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