Why Does the Fuse On My RV's Battery Blow Everytime I Plug RV Into Electric?

by Eli
(Galax, VA)

Bought 89 Terry Resort Camper. Was told that Converter/Charger was bad. Replaced with 9200 60amp progressive Converter/Charger. Lights and all works on shore power. But fuse at battery blows when you plug up to power on 110 to charge battery. Need help why fuse blows?


ANSWER: Greetings Eli thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

I am going to assume that you have properly installed the new Converter/Charger, so we can eliminate that as being a problem.

I am also going to assume that you tested the battery to make sure that it does not have a short in it and that you have replenished the electrolytes in the and checked all the connections to the battery to make sure that all connections are tight and clean. I am going to also assume that you have checked to make sure that the battery is properly grounded.

If all of the above has been done then the only thing that could be causing your problem is a short in the wiring leading from your charger to your battery.

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You will have two options here you can either trace the wiring going to your battery from the charger to locate and repair the short or you can disconnect that wiring and run new proper gauge wiring from the charger to the battery. Depending on how the wiring is run through your trailer either option could end up being time consuming.

There is also a third option, you could take your RV in and have a Certified RV Technician track down and repair the problem.

Hope this helped.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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RV battery fuse blowing when on AC
by: Cospiker

I had the same problem with some expensive AGM batteries and my fuse blowing. The RV repairman said the batteries were bad and that is why the fuse would blow. The battery company (very respectable company) said that even if the batteries were bad the fuse should not blow, unless the converter is sending too high a current through it. The batteries did charge at Batteries Plus, but then failed the load test.

I am suspect of my Intelli Power converter/charger, but everything I read highly praises this converter.

When I get my new AGM batteries I'm going to make sure that the charger is working correctly.

Everyone I've talked to, besides the RV guy, says there is no reason a bad battery would cause the fuse to blow-- if there was a short, it just wouldn't accept the current, and would not blow the fuse.

I'm still confused.

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