Why Is My RV's Voltage Converter Making A Funny Noise?

by Jim
(Bangor, Maine)

I have a 1988 Rockwood Frontier Class C Motor home which started making a noise when plugged into house voltage power and at campsites. The sound is audible at just inside the door where the power cable is stored, there is a metal box (I believe it is a converter of some kind) that makes first a small click noise and then a metal ping sound about every 20-30 seconds.

This sound only happens when plugged into house current. Is this a safety hazard or just an annoying noise normal for a RV of this age?

Thanks so much for your help.

RVing in Bangor, Maine

ANSWER: Greetings Jim thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

The noises you describe hearing from your RV's Converter/Charger when plugged into electricity are normal. If you listen closely you will also hear a humming sound which is also normal. The clicking and pinging sounds you are hearing are relays opening and closing or cooling fans kicking on and off.

If your class C also has a generator, you will also hear the same sounds when the generator is running; it is usually less noticeable because the sound of the generator drowns it out.

Some newer RVs are equipped with Converter/Chargers that do not make these noises. All you hear on the newer ones are the fans.

Hope this helps.

Happy RVing

RVing Al

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now what did I do
by: Anonymous Thomas

OMG now my converter is shutting down lights only humming stops for a while seems like it cools then back on in 5min, could the battery polarity be wrong?

Check the ground wire
by: pat and Joe

This click ping sequence every ten or twenty second sounds like the battery ground wire is touching the frame. Especially if the battery has been removed and you are running off an extension.

Easy fix for me!
by: Jim H

I had the same click and ping about every 20 seconds. I went to the battery and felt the wires....hot, hot, hot!

I unhooked the wires and the click and ping stopped immediately!!

The battery was very low in one of the cells so I topped it off and hooked it back up.

All is well now and I didn't need to mess with the converter!

humming and clicking sound from electrical panel
by: Mike

I have the same problem as Jim on my 1990 Ford Class C motorhome. Just started recently. It stops when I switch one of the 15 amp (one on a double 15 amp breaker) switches to the off position. All other breakers remain on with no noises at all. I am puzzled. The 15 amp breaker that seams to cause the noises is the one that controls the lighting.

Any suggestions?


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