Why Would I Want To Install Solar Panels On My RV?


Why You Should Install Solar Panels on Your RV

Why You Should Install Solar Panels on Your RV

Why would I want solar panels? Are they installed so that the generator is not needed?

ANSWER: Hi, let me start off by saying that a Solar Charging System does not replace an RV's generator. But a Solar Charging System can reduce the amount of time that you have to run your generator in order to recharge your RV's 12-volt House Battery System.

If you do a lot of boondocking; installing Solar Panels becomes even more important to minimize the time that you must run your generator.

A Solar Charging System also does not directly produce 120 Volt AC power to your RV. To create 120 Volt AC current from a 12 Volt DC power source you need a Power Inverter that connects to your RV's house batteries. Based on the wattage of the Power Inverter, you can run all kinds of 120 Volt appliances in your RV, such as TVs, Computers, Gaming Systems, Streaming Devices, etc. Power hogs such as an Air Conditioner or Microwave will still need generator power to run.

The higher the wattage of the Power Inverter you use the faster it can drain your 12-volt House Battery System. When you have a A Solar Charging System on your RV the free power of the sun now tops off your house batteries, so you do not have to run your generator as often. Even when your RV is parked at your house or a storage facility and it is not hooked up to electricity, the batteries will be receiving a charge during daylight hours.

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The higher the wattage of the Solar Charging System you have
the less you have to run your generator. By running your generator less frequently you are reducing air pollution and noise pollution.

RV Solar Charging Systems can be installed on all types of RV's regardless of how old they are. When you install a Solar Charging System on your RV you are joining the 1000s of RVers that are part of the green RVing movement.

There are portable Solar Panels available that you can use to attach to your RV's house Battery System. To learn more about one of these portable Solar Panel systems you may want to take a look at the video below by RV Expert Mark Polk from RV Education 101

To instantly download the RV Education 101 Videos available from RVing Expert Mark Polk visit the RV Education 101 Video Download Store

Here are the Zamp Portable Solar Panels that Mark refers to in the above video.

Here are some retailers I suggest you look at to get some excellent prices on Solar Charging Systems and Power Inverters.

Solar Charging Systems

Solar Charging Systems from Amazon.com

Solar Charging Systems From eBay.com. Please note most of these Solar Charging Systems have "Buy It Now Prices" so you do not have to do any bidding.

Power Inverters

Power Inverters From Amazon.com

Power Inverters From eBay.com. Most of these Power Inverters have "Buy It Now Prices" so there is no need to bid on them.

I hope that this information has been helpful to you.

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Considering solar?
by: Tom

For anyone considering solar rv power, HandyBob's blog at handybobsolar.wordpress.com is a must read.

Our system 600watt system
by: Anonymous

My husband worked with Wholesale Solar in California and we installed four panels that have 140 watts each and used the space that was for a slide out gas grill we never used to hold four golf carts batteries and assorted gadgets that the system requires.

We also have two electric boxes with four plugs each. We designed and installed this system ourselves with lots of great help and guidance from the wonderful folks at Wholesale Solar.

Our total cost was $3800. The benefit is when we are parked in a place without shade we have enough power to run all our rechargeable devices including two lap top computers, a mifi internet connection, our cell phones and our alarm system. We are scientists and we require constant internet connection to do our work and we use a lot of computing power. This system also greatly reduces our electric costs when we camp at places that charge separately for electricity.

While traveling we also have power for our alarm system. This also means we can boondock in nonelectric places without our work being interrupted or choose cheaper no frills camping sites in National Parks when traveling. However, if we park under shade, we barely have enough to power to charge our cell phones and keep our alarm system running.

am convinced you must use solar as a back up to your system and not as your main source of power for all things that generate heat or cold because heat just takes too much power. Buy a small out of the box solar charger for a specific purpose to start.

When you have more experience with tapping into free power from the sun, research, and learn about how it works for yourself because there simply aren't a lot of people who understand solar and RVs out there. The system must be designed for your personal needs.

Find some good seller who will work with you. Then and only then invest in a larger system and then you can enjoy the extra freedom that solar gives.

Solar Supporter
by: MrsCraftyRVing

We cant afford the top notch solar and we dont want to install solar on our current rig because we plan on upgrading within 6 mth and so in the mean time we are using Harbor Freight.

by: Joan

My husband & I enjoy more rustic spots in our camper and we have only solar, no generator. The solar panel gives us plenty of power for lights so we don't need need to bother our neighbors with a noisy generator, many of whom are tent campers.

Too many holes in the RV roof...
by: Anonymous

I heard that there are adhesive solar panels made for RV roofs. The wire goes down the fridge vent pipe. This would seem to be desirable compared to putting more holes in the roof. I can't find them anywhere.

Note From RVing Al: These Flexible Solar Panels may be what you are referring to. Some of these can indeed be glued to the roof on an RV. But I am not a real advocate of running any electrical wires down a heat generating vent such as an RV refrigerator vent.

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