Will Two 6 Volt Deep Cycle Batteries In RV Provide Power Longer Then One 12 Volt Battery?

by Anonymous

I have a 20' travel trailer and a friend of mine has told me that if I bought 2 6 volt golf cart batteries that I would have a longer battery time when going to campgrounds that have no power. Is this true?

ANSWER: Yes your friend is correct when you will you use two 6 Volt Deep Cycle (aka Golf Cart) Batteries wired in series as opposed to one 12 Volt Battery to power your Travel Trailer the two 6 Volt Deep Cycle Batteries will provide power for a longer period of time without needing to be recharged.

For more information on why you should changeover to two 6 Volt Batteries you should read the answer I gave to Are 2 Six Volt Batteries Better Than 1 Twelve Volt Battery To Provide Power To Inside Of RV?

As a side note if your RV is not equipped with one you should also look at a Solar Powered Battery Charging System for your travel trailer. These systems will help keep the batteries charged so that you will not have to plug in as often to fully recharge the batteries.

I hope this helps.

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6V battery banks
by: Anonymous

Remember when using 6 volt batteries, in a 12 volt system, that they must be used in pairs wired in series (one NEG to the other POS and the other posts are your 12 v output).

You can not use an odd number of 6 volt batteries as this would result in 18 volt output which may damage some or all of your system components. You can use 4 6 volt batteries in a series/parallel connection where each "pair" are hooked in series (12v) and the 2 pairs of 12 volt are then hooked in parallel. In this configuration I would recommend a dual battery switch which would give you the option of switching between the pairs so when you run dead you would be able to switch to the other pair for power.

Percentage more
by: Dorothy White

How much more percentage will you get out of the two 6 volt batteries vs the 12 volt battery. This can then be converted to cost overall. I would be curious to know exactly what I might save by investing in the 6 volt batteries. Also do you need to do this in pairs or could you put three or four together in a bank??

Watch your weight!
by: The Sod Father

Just remember, golf cart batteries are much heavier than a typical G-24 or G-27 battery. Factor in that extra weight when calculating your trailer weight and (more importantly) tongue weight. Make sure your tow vehicle can accommodate the additional weight. Adding the batteries may also require an adjustment to your weight distribution hitch.

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