5 RVing Mistakes Beginners Make & How You Can Avoid Them

5 RVing Mistakes Beginners Make & How You Can Avoid Them

Melanie Cohen

Here is how to avoid the 5 RVing mistakes beginners make 

RVing can bring lots of excitement when you think about the various great experiences you can get, the various wonderful places you can visit, and the adventures you can have during your RV trip. Enjoying the outdoor spaces with your RV is something that can create unforgettable memories for you. However, you need to avoid certain mistakes in your RVing journey, even more so if you are still a beginner in the RV lifestyle.

Mistakes can happen, and you need to get prepared before you hit the road in your RV. Here are 5 RVing mistakes beginners can make and how you can avoid them:

1. Not Checking Your RV 

The most common mistake for RV beginners is to drive their RV without checking the vehicle first. Remember, you are driving your RV for a long distance here. You need to prepare first and not just drive it with no idea whether your RV is in its best condition. You don’t want to drive your RV for a few miles and then find out you are running out of gas. Also, you don’t want to find out you didn’t bring the tools you need to fix your RV in the middle of the road.

How to avoid this problem: Before taking a trip with your RV, you need to make sure that everything is in check. So, it’s good to perform a thorough inspection (pre-trip) of your RV before going down the road. 

2. Not Bringing any Paper Maps with You

Living the RV lifestyle might sound good for those who are looking for adventure. For beginners, living a life in an RV for weeks or months at a time is something that motivates them to keep going. However, you need to know that navigation is important, and you will need it all the time during your RV journey. During your RV trip, you need to navigate the areas often, and the problem is that it might be challenging to use your smartphone or any online navigation system.

How to avoid this problem: It’s a good idea to bring a paper map Road Atlas with you because sometimes you might not find a good GPS signal for your online navigation. A Road Atlas can be a great way for you to navigate the areas not covered by your GPS Unit or Cell Phone.

3. Not Keeping Your RV Comfortable

The best way to enjoy your RV lifestyle is to keep your RV comfortable, no matter how long the distance you need to travel. Some people think that traveling in an RV is something that will give them rough experiences, as it is often not fun to do, and it is something that might give them an uncomfortable feeling. 

How to avoid this problem: Check all the areas inside the RV and ensure that everything works as intended. This includes checking the microwave, refrigerator, AC, dishwasher, bed, couch, and so on. 

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4. Not Bringing any Essential Tools

The essential tools are the tools you need to bring with you, and it is something that you need to fix something in the RV. These tools include a hammer, wrenches, duct tape, pliers, screwdrivers, and so on. Sometimes, you need to deal with specific problems during your RV, and these tools can be a lifesaver for you. You don’t want to stop in the middle of nowhere, dealing with your RV problems and not having the necessary tools to fix them.

How to avoid this problem: Prepare a toolbox for your RV to put all your essential tools in place. Before driving the RV, it’s important to check the toolbox to ensure all the required tools are there. You need to make this a routine before driving your RV.

5. Not Knowing Your Destination

Living the RV lifestyle doesn’t mean that you are traveling in your RV without knowing where you are going. Remember, not knowing your destination can lead you to nowhere, and it’s no fun to do that.

How to avoid this problem: Plan your RV journey before you hit the road, such as planning the places you want to visit. There are many places you can see with your RV, which will be fun for you. So, it’s good to plan your destinations in advance and reserve your campsite in advance. Completing your camping reservations in advance will ensure that you have a space for your RV when you arrive.

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These are the RVing mistakes beginners make and how you can avoid them. As a newbie to the RV lifestyle, there are plenty of places you can explore. RVing is fun if you can prepare for your RV trips, so you are ready for all potential problems during your trip. RVing will not be enjoyable for you if you haven’t prepared properly.

Don’t get so excited about your RVing adventure that you forget how important it is to plan your RV trip. Be sure to follow this guide to avoid any mistakes you might make during your RV journey. Good luck RVing!

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