AEP's ReCreationland, McConellsville, Ohio

by Toby Bristol
(Columbus, Oh. USA)

Free Camping at AEP's ReCreationland, McConellsville, Ohio

Free Camping at AEP's ReCreationland, McConellsville, Ohio

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One of our favorite RVing Destinations is AEP'S ReCreationland which is a free campground 9 miles outside of McConellsville, Ohio, USA. There are over 150 lakes for fishing and five free campgrounds for dry camping.

Such a beautiful quiet place for family or solo camping. The campground and campsites are clean and include sites for tent camping, popups, and small RV camping.

You can camp for up to 14 days. At the top of this page are a few pics of my campsite.

Editor's Note: Here is more information on AEP's ReCreationland in McConellsville, Ohio.

Below is a Drone Video Flyover of some of the campgrounds at AEP's ReCreationland.

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Below is a video on what Float Tube fishing is like on the lakes at AEP's ReCreationland.

Additional Information: One of AEP's best-known reclamation projects, ReCreation Land is a 34,500-acre area in Southeast Ohio that offers a wide assortment of recreational activities to the public, including camping, fishing, hunting, bike trails, and horseback riding.

AEP reclaimed this land, once strip-mined for its rich coal deposits, and turned it into a vibrant recreation area. Vigorous reclamation efforts involved planting 63 million trees, establishing over 350 lakes and ponds, and creating 380 campsites.

The use of the land requires obtaining a free ReCreation Land permit. You can visit the AEP OHIO Recreation Area Website.

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