Class A Motorhomes For Rent:
Pros And Cons Of Renting A Motorhome

Class A motorhomes for rent across the United States provide the perfect version of escape

Class A Motorhomes For Rent: Pros And Cons Of Renting A Motorhome

By Courtney Huck

Class A motorhomes for rent across the United States provide the perfect version of escape if you’re starting to get cabin fever from staying at home for the last several months because you’re nervous about traveling because of COVID-19. Class A motorhomes are the largest out of the Class A, B, or C series, and this makes them the perfect RV to take on your next adventure if you have a family and will be traveling for a long time or require extra space on your travels.

Check out some of the main pros and cons of renting out a Class A motorhome below!

Pros Of A Class A Motorhome

A large size, a high number of passengers, and affordability make renting a Class A motorhome the perfect alternative to traveling on an airplane or staying in hotels when you’re looking to go on a trip across the country.

Their Roomy Interior

Class A motorhomes are most well-known for the size that they boast. As a result, a Class A RV can be the perfect “starter” RV for you to rent for an extended length of time if you’ve never traveled in a motorhome before. Most new renters find that Class A vehicles help them adjust the most to “RV Life.” If you choose an RV that’s too small, you might not enjoy your vacation as much because you’ll feel too cramped. Additionally, if you and the people you’re traveling with are planning on working remotely in the RV as you travel, it could be a perk to have the extra space and spread out.

Multiple Beds

If you’re a family or a large group of friends looking for your next adventure, you’ll want to find Class A motorhomes for rent because of the number of beds and seat belts they offer. 

A majority of Class A RV’s have eight seat belts, so your whole crew will be able to comfortably sit while you travel. Additionally, Class A motorhomes promote plenty of sleeping space. Most models have two queen beds and one double bed. However, you’ll always want to check out the exact sleeping arrangements before you commit to renting any specific Class A model!

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An Affordable Travel Option

Class A Motorhomes For Rent: Pros And Cons Of Renting A Motorhome

On average, you can rent a Class A Motorhome for around $250 a day. As you break down this price and look at how it includes your travel and lodging costs, along with your opportunity to save money by cooking in the RV. You can see that renting out a motorhome becomes a more affordable option than most other kinds of travel, which is especially true if you’re splitting the RV cost amongst multiple people. 

Cons Of A Class A Motorhome

Despite all of the pros of renting a Class A motorhome, there are also a couple of cons associated with Class A RV’s that might lead you to decide on renting from a different RV series

Low Gas Mileage

Renting from the largest motorhome series comes with its trade-offs, and low gas mileage is one of the main cons for renting a Class A RV. Most Class A RVs only get about eight to ten miles per gallon, whereas a Class B motorhome can reach 18 to 25 MPG, and a Class C can get 14 to 18 MPG. 

The lower gas mileage of a Class A vehicle might not be a “true con” for you if you value the additional size your vehicle provides or if you’re going to be staying in the same area throughout your travels primarily. 

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Difficulty Parking

Class A motorhomes are big. Like really big. Unfortunately, this means that they aren’t the easiest of vehicles to drive if you’re trying to zip around a city or looking for a parking space at the nearest restaurant hot spot. 

To avoid some of the difficulties that can come from driving an RV in a city, I’d recommend hooking up your regular car to the RV and towing it with you on your travels. This way, you’ll only have to worry about driving your RV on highways or interstates, and then you can easily explore city spaces once you get set up at your campsite. 

Class A Motorhomes: An Overview

Although Class A motorhomes can be gas guzzlers, cost more than renting an RV from a different class daily, and provide some difficulties with parking and driving. If you’re going to be in a city, this style motorhome is the variety you’ll want to rent if you’re going on a long trip with your family or a large group of friends. 

The flexibility and space that Class A motorhomes provide you with will allow you to end your cabin fever while going on a new and exciting adventure! 

About The Author

Courtney Huck is a representative of, a website dedicated to RV and motorhome rentals. RVnGO allows travelers to rent a variety of RVs and motorhomes, so they are not faced with the cost of actually purchasing an RV, which enables couples and families to try out the RV life before committing to a large purchase. Finally, RVnGo allows motorhome owners to earn extra income by renting out a motorhome that they already own. 


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