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Create the Coolest RV at the Campsite

You can create the coolest RV that will be the envy of your campground neighbors

Create the Coolest RV at the Campsite

With slide-outs and satellite systems, RVs have truly become homes away from home or even a primary residence for some. Even if you have a more modest travel trailer, though, you can still create a traveling home that will be the envy of your campground neighbors. Read on for several ideas for taking your RV to the next level

Go Solar

With the boom in solar battery technology, it makes more sense than ever to go solar. You can install solar panels on the RV roof, which will be soaking up the rays whether you are stationary or on your way to the next stop. Previously, if you weren't using the power as you created it, it didn't do you any good. Now with batteries to store all that energy, you'll be able to run all your appliances even if you stop somewhere without an electrical hookup. Another plus is that you can use that solar energy at home too to power an appliance or two even though it won't be enough for your whole house.

Expand Your Footprint With Portables

Being inside your RV can be relaxing, but you've driven to the great outdoors to enjoy the great outdoors. Get your awning up and expand your area with portable items that will make the outer part of your home. Look for a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker that's water-resistant so you can enjoy music while you relax outside. Propane fire rings are a great new alternative to a traditional campfire. Nothing smells quite like burning wood, but in some areas, you can't have a wood fire during high fire risk seasons, and others don't allow wood collection, charging exorbitant prices for a few pieces of under-seasoned pine. A fire ring gives you the glow every campsite needs without wood, burning at more than 50,000 BTUs.

Another thing most people love for camping is a hammock, but finding trees at the correct distance that are strong enough to hold the hammock can be a pain, and knots slide down until your hammock is just a blanket on the ground. Instead, invest in a portable folding hammock that comes with its own stand but breaks down to be nearly the size of a portable chair. It's perfect too when you're at a site that isn't woody, like camping at the beach or lakefront. 

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Light It Up

Since you've installed those solar panels, put them to work with outdoor lighting. No matter the type of lighting, invest in LED  lights since they use much less electricity and the bulbs last up to 20 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs. They're also safer both outside and inside your RV since they produce almost no heat. Throw up some fairy lights around your awning for ambiance, or invest in standard rope lights to provide bright light to work and play by outside. Go for motion-sensing lights for security and to make it easier to get up and move before the sun comes up. Keep lights on while you're hiking to make it easier to find your way home. Some campers also claim that setting up a ring of LEDs around your site can keep pack rats out of your belongings!

Wind Down With a Massage

Finally, wind down with a good shower. The shower equipment that comes standard with most RVs leaves a lot to be desired. If you've been driving all day, standing under a barely-there shower head won't do. Invest in an upgraded RV shower head. These heads mix air into the water supply giving you a lot more pressure without draining your resources. They also come equipped with flow stoppers for when you are dry camping. With adjustable settings and wide spray, it'll be like showering at home, assuming you can get your whole body in the shower at once. 

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With a small investment, your RV will be so comfortable you may never want to go home again. 

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