Easy RVing Food Tips for Your Eating Pleasure

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By: Georgia Day 

These easy RVing food tips for your eating pleasure allow you to have delicious meals in minutes while on the road


These easy RVing food tips for your eating pleasure we share with you have been tested over the years and we hope you will enjoy them. From part-time to full-time to part-time RVing now, our kitchen experience has evolved over time. On a recent trip, we reviewed our food habits from our home kitchen, converting where appropriate to our RV kitchen, to allow us to have delicious meals in minutes on the road! While we do eat out occasionally, we eat most of our meals in the RV, sharing that time together and creating more time to play. 

On travel days, plan for quick and easy meal preparation:

Tip 1: Easy Breakfast Planning - Place dry cereal in serving sizes in zip lock or plastic containers with tight-fitting lids for quick and easy access; cook hot cereal the night before and place in serving containers for microwave heating, and my latest feat - preparing a quadruple recipe of homemade granola placed in quart-size zip lock containers and stacked in my refrigerator or pantry.

Tip 2: Easy Lunch Planning - Freeze your favorite lunch meats and cheeses in manageable quantities (I use one-half pound quantities and a thin slice) so these can be pulled out when needed. Note - if these do not come in freezer - ready packaging, simply re-package at home before placing in your RV freezer. Note - do a trial run in freezer packing before loading for your trip. Otherwise, you might find that the one-half gallon of ice cream that must always fit, as is the case in my freezer, will not - and that is simply not acceptable!

Tip 3: Easy Dinner Planning - crock pot does wonders - I put a roast, carrots, potatoes, etc. in the crock pot early in the morning and dinner is ready when I am. I cook pork tenderloins in my convection oven, as well as beef dishes, chicken and beef enchiladas, and other one-dish meals. Typically left-overs can be put in zip lock containers, frozen, and labeled for use another day.

Tip 4: Easy Calorie-Cutting I discovered a few years ago that one of my refrigerator slide-out bins is just large enough to hold a small lettuce crisper. So, I put a head of lettuce in, pre-washed, or put a whole salad together in the crisper to use for lunch or evening meal. I also put frozen vegetables in plastic zip bags, as flat as I can get them, into meal size portions for easy use. RV refrigerators are typically small so thoughtful packing is essential.


Tip 5: Easy Cooking Outdoors - We love to grill - everything from meats to vegetables to desserts. We have used hibachis, pyromids (outdoor cooking system), electric grills, and our current favorite is a small propane grill which we can attach to the coach's propane system. Food is flavorful and cleanup is a snap!

Tip 6: Easy Food PlatingPaper or plastic plates are the simplest. For those times when dish washing is possible, melamine and pottery work well. Paper or cloth napkins can brighten the setting and we use plastic utensils only when dry camping. The options are endless; the important thing to remember is to make the setting appealing and fun.

Tip 7: Easy Food Organization - invest in a label maker. I have used labeling products for easy labeling for many years. I always have one in my home office and now that we are traveling part time in our RV, I have purchased a smaller one just for the coach. I label products in the freezer with name and date and do the same for products in food storage which have been removed from original wrappers. Note - I also look for expiration dates and if a product is close to that date, I also add that info to the front of the package.

We continue to explore the majesty of America, enjoying the freedom that RVing provides. We feel that a bit of planning for meals allows us to relax, play more, and enhance the freedom that the lifestyle brings to the table.

I hope that you have enjoyed these easy RVing food tips for your eating pleasure. Bon Appetite and Happy Trails from our RV to yours!

About The Author

Georgia R. Day
Business & Lifestyle Management Consultant
RVing part time, full time for 10 years, now back to part time.

Want more play time as you travel? Try our tips for easy food planning and preparation to make it happen!

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