Full Time RVing
How to Plan Your Retirement

Full time RVing has become a popular choice for folks going into retirement

Full Time RVing How to Plan Your Retirement

Full Time RVing
How to Plan Your Retirement
By Franz Williams and Hilga Williams

Full time RVing has become a popular choice for folks going into retirement as the travel bug amongst baby boomers has struck! They are joining the recreational vehicle crowd in large numbers. When deciding how to plan your retirement, boomers might consider this option because they can travel at their own pace, more easily travel with their pets, enjoy the sites they may have missed when they were too busy to travel during the working years, and they can rest and relax at any location they desire.

If full time RVing is going to be how to plan your retirement, then be sure it is a lifestyle you have tried and enjoy. When Hilga and I first decided that RVing would be something we would do in later years, and that was when we were in our twenties, we decided to rent RV's first to be sure that full time RVing would be something that we would enjoy.

So, we started ten years ago we rented a twenty-eight foot, Class A gas RV. We traveled in it for three weeks. We had never driven one before, nor knew anything about how the RV systems worked. Fortunately, the RV rental company gave us a complete walk through of the RV, and a twenty-four hour number to call if we had any questions. We put thirty-five hundred miles on the RV on that first trip, and we had a blast! Everything worked so well and it was easy to drive, even for Hilga. We were hooked!

We went on to rent six more RV's in the years that followed. Our goal was to determine what we might like to buy when we got to that point. The thing about renting an RV is that it is a lot cheaper than having one of your own if you are only using it a few weeks out of the year. Once you are able to spend two months to a year in an RV, then buying is the way to go. So, the best way on how to plan your retirement for full time RVing is to rent at first, and then once you are sure you are hooked, then you can decide what to buy. It is a much better way to go than finding out later that RVing is not for you.

Even for seasoned RVers who want to adopt the full time RVing lifestyle in retirement, they may not have traveled in the kind of larger rig that will be required for comfortable and harmonious full time living. So to try one out before spending hundreds of thousands of dollars is a great way to go. Luxury RV rentals are more common than you would think. Many dealerships have rigs sitting on their lots, and they are willing to rent new ones because it's better to have money coming in than for the rig to sit unused.

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It is also good to spend at least a month on the road to be sure that spouses can share four hundred square feet and be harmonious. Not every one can do it. It sounds great a first, but trust me, we know folks who just can't do it. They love RVing but they just can't enjoy full time RVing because they can't get along for extended periods in a small space. This is another good reason to try it out before jumping in. We have friends who travel six months out if the year but have to have a home base to really make it work.

By thinking ahead on how to plan your retirement, and doing some valuable research, you will have an enjoyable experience in your golden years. Whether full time RVing is for you, or not, if you plan ahead you won't waste valuable funds on an RV that won't work for you.

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Franz and Hilga have been RVing for 10 years, and enjoying full time RV living for 4 years (they live 365 days a year in their RV). With over 50,000 miles traveled in RV's, they have many useful experiences to share. If you are interested in the full time RV living lifestyle, you can visit http://www.yourfulltimervliving.com for more articles, pictures, and updates.

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