Fun While RVing

Some of the best memories a family will make happen while RVing

Fun While RVingDisney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground

Some of the best memories a family will make happen while they're on vacation. Without the stress and business of everyday life at home, it's an opportunity to spend time together and just have fun. A great way to do this is by vacationing in an RV. Whether you own one or rent one for the trip, here are some different activities you can do as a family. 


No RV trip would be the same without bringing along some games to play. While some may consider board games to be a thing of the past, there's little that compares to a great game of monopoly. There are several new-aged games you could bring along to play as well. Game time is an excellent way for the family to spend some quality time together, laughing and making memories. If board or card games aren't your thing, you could do something along the lines of an online escape room.


You have to eat while you're away. Although you may not have the largest kitchen in your RV, you could still take the time to cook some meals as a family. You can try your hand at grilling or perhaps even look up some open-fire recipes. You may even find that the meal is ready a little faster when everyone is chipping in to help. No matter what you make, though, remember it's fun to try new recipes, and it's great to carry on traditions with old ones.


Fun While RVing

Depending on where you've parked your RV, you may find a place to fish close by. This is one of those relaxing activities that not everyone may think of doing. Even if you don't know how to fish, it doesn't take long to learn. It's a great way to get out and about, yet do something both relaxing and rewarding.  

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It's almost impossible to go on an RV trip and not find some state or national park nearby. These are great for hiking and nature walking. You may not think your family is into that type of thing, but there's just something amazing about it once you get out in nature. Taking in the fresh air, enjoying new sights, and getting some exercise combine to make a fun activity. Don't let a little sweat scare you away from seeing what's surrounding you. 


Fun While RVing

Although it's fun to stay all day at the campground or RV park you're at, there's a chance that there are a few other fun things to do around town. Take a day to go out and explore your surroundings. Look for some type of amusement park, museum, or perhaps even visit the local downtown to find fun things to do. If there's a popular spot close by, don't be afraid to go check it out. You'll never know what you could find in the area. 


An enjoyable way to close out a day of fun in your RV is by having a movie night outside. You can make things complete with a bonfire and smores. Don't forget to pop some corn over the fire as well. Most RV's will have outside outlets where you can plug in your tv and enjoy a family favorite movie outside in your camping chairs. There's just something fun and memorable about watching a movie together under the stars. 

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While there are several different kinds of parks you can stay at, every now and then, treat your family to an RV resort. These are great for those looking to get to one place and have an exciting time all in one primary location. You never know what you could find in these places. Some will have indoor waterparks, while others may have some specialty rides and parks. These make for the perfect little treat place where you don't have to go far to find something exciting to do. 

Going on a vacation in an RV could create some of your family's favorite memories. These are just a few things you can do while you're away. 

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